Learn More About Varicose Vein Treatments Somerville, NJ Residents Rely On

By Olive Pate

Swollen blood vessels in the legs that are visible through the skin are called varicose veins. These veins have numerous kinks in them and are bluish or purple in color. Some people can live with this condition without suffering any adverse affects. Other people seek varicose vein treatments Somerville, NJ residents can rely on to eliminate symptoms, treat complications, or for cosmetic reasons.

Anyone can develop this condition but it occurs in women more often than it does in men. This may be due to the relaxing effect of female hormones on blood vessels. Veins bulge out from the skin because the blood starts to flow in the wrong direction and pools inside. The special one-way valves that direct blood flow wear out with age. Obesity exerts excess pressure on the veins and causes deformity.

Only some people experience symptoms but many people with this condition do not. Itching and aching are the top complaints of people who have discomfort. Sometimes the condition worsens with age and causes complications such as changes in skin color, excessive bleeding, and venous ulcers.

Many of the methods physicians use to treat this condition do not require the patient to stay overnight in the hospital. This keeps costs lower and makes treatment accessible for more individuals. The majority of the accepted procedures can take place in the doctor's office on an outpatient basis.

Most physicians will take a cautious approach to treatment. They will advise the patient to wear compression stockings, adopt a healthy diet, and make certain lifestyle changes. Wearing loose clothing, elevating the legs whenever possible, and avoiding sitting in one place or standing up for long periods can be helpful. Compression stockings keep pressure on the legs to help blood flow.

Endothermal ablation is a procedure that destroys any damaged blood vessels by applying heat from the inside. This is done with radio waves or a laser. First, the surgeon makes a small insertion to introduce a catheter into the leg. A special probe delivers the light or radio wave, which heats up the interior walls and seals them shut. The patient receives a local anesthetic to deaden the pain at the incision site.

Sclerotherapy involves injecting foam that scars the damaged blood vessels and seals them shut. This procedure requires a local anesthetic and may be the best option if the patient is not a good candidate for endothermal ablation. It takes a few weeks for healthy veins to take over and the varicose veins to fade. Some patients require more than one treatment and the veins reappear in some cases.

Ligation and stripping is a surgical procedure that removes the damaged veins. This operation requires a general anesthetic but most patients are allowed to go home the same day. Individuals with varicose veins can discuss the options with a healthcare professional, who will perform a physical examination and advise the best way to treat the problem. Patients should be aware of all the risks involved so they can make an informed decision about treatment.

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