Laser Treatments Somerville: Merits And Demerits

By Olive Pate

Ever since the discovery of anesthesia, surgery and other such modes of treatments underwent a revolution. The scalpel is the most commonly used surgical tool until a few years ago. However, it is invasive, prone to human error and is likely to cause infections, severe pain and intensive bleeding. Laser treatments Somerville have come up as an alternative to the traditional surgical options.

Laser therapy is a type of therapy that employs a special kind of light to perform an operation just as scalpels normally do. Unlike other types of lights, it is based on a very specific wavelength and is, therefore, able to produce powerful beams. The beams are known to be powerful enough to shape diamonds and cut steel. The term is an abbreviation of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

While it works just like the scalpel, it works with better precision in surgery. Surgeons use the special and unique light to focus on the small problematic area of tissue. This means that the surrounding tissue is not touched and consequently, has less damage compare to what a scalpel would do. Generally, there is less swelling, pain and scarring compared to the traditional methods of surgery.

There are numerous medical procedures where laser treatment is applied. First, it has gained widespread application in the treatment of cancers such as cervical, lung and skin cancer. Its used to shrink or destroy tumors and precancerous growths. For kidneys, it is used to remove stones and for the eyes, it is used to improve and save the vision of many patients.

Sealing is an important medical procedure used to reconnect or close vessels. Laser becomes very helpful during such procedures. For instance, it has been known to be effective in reducing the spread of tumors usually in lymph vessels when sealing. In such a case, it also helps reduce swelling. Sealing of blood vessels helps to stop excessive blood loss. For patients who have undergone surgery resulting to severing of nerves, it helps seal the nerve endings and reduce pain.

The light has found numerous applications in the cosmetic industry. It is used by many people who want to appear younger or good looking. It can remove moles, birthmarks, sun spots and warts. Additionally, it can remove unwanted hair so that one does not have to shave constantly. Lastly, people use it to remove tattoos and clear blemishes, wrinkles and scars.

Laser has associated risks, just like any other treatment option. It may cause bleeding and subsequent infection in some patients. It may also cause pain and scarring. Other patients experience skin color changes. In rare cases, it may trigger the herpes simplex virus. Some patients may not be treated within one instance. When there are repeat treatments, the risks may become even more for the patient.

It is important to note that some laser surgeries are conducted under general anaesthesia that may be risky. Also, treatment is really expensive; it may be out of reach for most patients. On the bright side, they are precise than most traditional instruments and, therefore, cuts can be made shorter and shallower causing less damage. Lastly, surgical operations will take less time compared to the traditional surgeries.

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