Give Your Skin A Bronzing Look With A Sun Laboratories Tan Overnight Self Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

In choosing tanner lotions and sprays, ensure you get the ones that will last for long. You do not want to give your skin a tint only for it to fade away in the next day. A good lotion will last for about five or more days before it starts fading out. A Sun Laboratories Tan overnight self tanning lotion can offer durable bronzing effect on skin, thus giving you the beauty for want for an extended period.

Tanner lotions come in many types and although some are safe, others may react to body. The ingredients used in some of these lotions may not work well with sensitive skin especially the fragrances and preservatives. Testing your skin may help determine whether a particular tan product will work.

The UV light from sunlight and tan beds can bring in very serious health problems on skin. The radiation is associated with skin cancer and many people are now steering clear of these methods of tanning. With your tan lotion, you will now need to prepare your skin. You cannot apply a tan on a soiled and oiled skin and expect to get good results.

You need to exfoliate the skin and remove any form of debris to open up the pores for easy penetration of tan ingredients. One mistake people make when applying tanner lotions is use of moisturizers and the typical body lotions. To get a good spread of tan, you might want to skip these substances for the time being. This is because they can clog the pores and prevent the absorption of tanners on skin.

People have different kinds of skins meaning that some products may do well when applied but others might not work. You have to evaluate whether a tan product you are using will give you the results you need. Tan lotions are not created equal. Some of them will look nice by their look but when you spread them on skin, you will not like them. They might produce unpleasant smell the next morning after the application.

The idea it to smoothen and make the dry skin easy to absorb the tanner. Moreover, it is paramount that you consider shaving unwanted hair. Presence of hair will make the tanner difficult to absorb. When you shave, make sure you allow for the skin to heal. You might want to do the shaving about two days before the actual tanner application date. This allows the skin to heal and prevent sensitivity when applying that tan product.

The area, which you use in this make up needs to be dry. Moist areas such as bathrooms may cause the lotions to trickle down the skin and cause streaks and other unpleasant marks. Moisture content in air is likely to dilute the lotion you are applying on skin thus making it flow on skin.

The exfoliants you use should also be non oil based because those with oily formulations may leave the oils on skin still causing blockage of pores. When the skin is clean and free of debris and dirt, it allows your lotions to adhere properly. You will be able to get even distribution of tanner lotions on a clean skin. If some areas are turning too orangey than others, you might want to use a moist washcloth to wipe out the excess tan.

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