Find And Win Equestrian Scholarships

By Dorthy Lloyd

Almost anyone can benefit from a little help when it comes time for higher education. College or university is expensive, but the fact remains that a degree helps find significant work in any field. Fortunately thousands of public, private, corporate, and civic organizations offer financial aid for tuition and other expenses. Many of these are unused, since no one applies for them. Dedicated equestrian scholarships are only one of many kinds of awards that a student interested in working with horses may qualify for.

There are many kinds of aid available for qualified students. Some are based on need, others on academic excellence. Athletic prowess is a well-known way to get a free ride to a degree. But there are others, like a beauty pageant prize or a talent show award, or ones which reward community service or club membership. Schools offer help with tuition and other costs, as well. Every avenue should be explored when facing the huge investment a college education requires.

Much of the money available is not too specific, but other awards may depend on certain courses of study or participation in certain activities. An academic scholarship may be used for tuition and textbooks of any kind, while an athletic scholarship might require consistent and active participation in a certain sport. Some may require maintenance of a satisfactory grade point level, while others are one-time awards that have no such stipulation.

Outstanding riders, both English and western, will find opportunities from show associations and from schools which field competitive riding teams. Equine sports are becoming more popular and more of a spectator sport, as jumping, eventing, and rodeo events are televised and high profile people compete. A well-rounded education can be paid for if a rider has shown true excellence in competition.

Another source of funds is breed associations. A boy or girl who owns an Arabian horse, for instance, should check out awards given by Arabian clubs. There are similar awards for those who work with Quarterhorses, Morgans, Saddlebreds, and other breeds. Most of these offers are small, consisting of perhaps a thousand dollars a year, but there is no limit to the number of awards one student can get from various sources.

The Intercollegiate Horse Show Association maintains a list of college and university teams across the country. Their website offers a lot of other information as well and is a good starting point for those who are top-notch riders. Schools with horse-based programs place a high priority on winning in intramural competition.

People who can't compete at the top level or who may not even want to ride may still want to work with horses. There are courses in barn management, riding school operation, the legalities of the equine industry, equine nutrition, and in things like dentistry or hoof care for horses. This field is as amenable to individual talents and inclinations.

The internet makes it easy to search out offers of financial aid from community organizations like the Rotary Club, from youth groups like the Boy and Girl Scouts, from retail and corporate organizations, and from private sources. The schools themselves will publicize the aid they can offer. Students who want help paying for the education they need should start earlier rather than later to see what is available.

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