Characteristics Of The Best Tanning Lotion To Apply

By Haywood Hunter

These days, there are so many UV-free tanners available. It's something that comes naturally as sunbathing is being ditched by a lot of people in order to save themselves from the harmful effects of too much solar radiation exposure. Applying the perfect tanner is vital to the attainment of a realistic result. If you wish to know the characteristics of the finest tanning lotion to buy, read on.

It relies on an active ingredient called DHA. Extracted from sugar cane, this 100% natural and organic substance can give your skin a radiant bronze color for 7-10 days. You don't have to worry about ending up with skin irritation as DHA comes from nature.

Other than DHA, the label should also say that the product contains bronzer. The presence of this ingredient allows for instant skin tone darkening while DHA is gradually working. Bronzer also serves as a visual guide during the application, making it easier to avoid streak formation. You may hit the shower 6 to 10 hours after applying the lotion to wash off the bronzer and reveal the beautiful work of DHA.

The product creates a color that is not too different from your complexion. If you are fair skinned, you should definitely refrain from using an ultra dark UV-free tanner. According to experts in the world of artificial tanning, one of the secrets to the attainment of a realistic outcome is opting for a fake tan shade that isn't too far away from your actual skin tone,

The added fragrance is pleasing yet strong enough to mask the smell of DHA. It's natural for the skin to smell somewhat fishy when DHA is doing its job. If you don't want to feel embarrassed in public, make sure that you go for a UV-free tanner that can effectively conceal the odor DHA tends to emit.

It also has moisturizers to keep the skin hydrated. A stunning golden-brown complexion should go hand in hand with skin that's soft and supple. The addition of moisturizing ingredients also helps keep the fake tan last for a long time as it delays skin exfoliation.

The product is getting the nod of so many fake suntan devotees. It's generally a good idea to consider the opinions of consumers who have actually tried using the UV-free tanner you wish to buy. Online, you can find so many unbiased reviews. It's also a great idea to get the recommendations of family and friends who love indoor tanning. Approach those whose bronze skin tones are realistic and impressive.

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