Basic Facts On Liposuction Northwest Indiana Residents Should Know

By Jana Serrano

Liposuction or lipoplasty is a surgical procedure that is performed cosmetically with the aim of redistributing body fat to create better body contours. Lipoplasty may be done just by itself or in combination with other procedures so that they can augment each other. The surgery has been performed many times in Merrillville, IN 46410. Examples of these techniques include tummy tick, breast reduction surgery and facelift. There is a number of important facts on liposuction northwest Indiana residents should know.

Since its advent in the 1960s, the procedure has undergone many modifications in a bid to refine the outcomes. Initially, surgeons adopted what is known as the tumescent technique that involved infusing fluid into the areas of interest using cannulas to cause lipolysis. Once the fat had been broken down, it was removed from the site using a high vacuum suction machine. The most preferred mode of anaesthesia at the time was local anaesthesia.

More recently, surgeons have widely used ultrasound in fat liquefaction and prefer general anaesthesia. The improvements have been focussed on reducing the risk of complications, reducing blood loss and the associated discomfort. Success rates have been variable with a number of surgeons choosing to stick to the older techniques. It has been determined that the primary determinant of the outcome in this procedure is the skill of the attending surgeon.

There is a need to undergo preparation just as happens with other types of surgeries. The preparation here is usually simple and seeks to establish whether one is suitable to undergo the procedure. This is done by taking a thorough clinical history and conducting a physical examination. A few blood tests may be done. The candidate must be of good general health and must have fat that can be harvested.

The main objective of the surgeon should be to use the right amount of fat in filling the empty pockets. If not done in the right manner, uneven mounds may appear on the areas from which fat has been planted. The surrounding structures such as blood vessels and connective tissues should be preserved as much as possible.

The areas of the body that are frequently involved include the buttocks, thighs, abdomen, waist, cheeks, neck and calves. You need to discuss with your doctor on what it is you want or do not want. The doctor will harvest the harvest from the areas that you do not want it and plant to those areas that you want it. In some cases, it is necessary to have a series of surgeries so as to achieve the desired results.

There are several risks that you need to be aware of even as you plan to have the procedure. The results may not come out as expected and as a matter of fact one may be disappointed at what they look at the end of it. When too much fat has been removed, there is a chance of disturbing fluid balance in the body.

Recovery is usually rapid and one can resume their normal routines within a week. It is important to note that liposuction cannot be used as a substitute of proper diet and adequate physical exercise. Rather, it should be used to complement other weight control measures such as diet and physical exercise

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