Why Many People Are Switching To Use Of Sun Self Tanner Lotions

By Haywood Hunter

Initially only suntan was popular as a method of getting that dark complexion on skin. The resent day sunless tanners also known as spray, UV free, self, or even fake tanners are considered safe for use on skin. Sunrays are harmful to skin. Using a Sun Self Tanner body lotion can also be your best remedy in preventing skin cancer. This can be an alternative to use of tan beds or sunbaths.

When the radiations from the sun get in contact with the skin, the UVA and UVB lights easily penetrate into dermis causing different effects. Professionals argue that UVA rays may cause the skin to look aged than normal. Sometimes one may experience peeling of their skin as well. Also, the rays cause dermis to be depressed.

UVB rays on the other hand, have adverse effects to skin. As they penetrate the body skin and go deeper to the inner most parts dermis, they can cause skin cancers. This is because these rays may kill some of your blood cells. There is every reason for people to avoid the use of tan beds or sunbaths for their tanning needs.

Some of the foods rich in vitamin D are fish, fortified cereals, oyster, soy products, ham, sausages, as well as dairy and poultry products. Alternative fluids that are also rich in vitamin D include milk and even orange juice. They can be options to help you stay away from excessive sunlight, in the effort of tanning.

The folded areas should be dealt with more vigilance, and you should take your time on these areas. If you have any spots that have shown excess tanner, you can use a towel or wash cloth to remove them. This particularly happens in the creased and folded skin as well as in knuckles. In some cases, some tan lotions may have different procedures depending on the manufacturer.

A lot of research has been conducted to prove that these sunless lotions do not have side effects that can be associated with harmful substances though this is not ruled. Some may have chemicals that could cause considerable skin damage. Do not apply the lotion on wet skin. You need to put on your latex gloves when applying the tan. You may apply the tan, starting with the head first and rubbing it thoroughly in a circular motion.

The moisturizer should only be applied to those dry areas such as the elbows, knees, and ankle. Moisturizers are also applied on rough skin like the soles and hands. The moisturizer helps the tan adhere to your skin properly. It is essential that you shave body hair a day earlier since the skin tends to be more sensitive immediately after shaving. Shaving a day earlier enables the skin to reduce its level of sensitivity.

Avoiding streaks can be achieved by exfoliating your skin and drying it before you apply your product. Being accurate is also critical if one should finally attain a uniform tan. Getting the right lotion is paramount. Some skins may react differently when certain chemicals are applied on them.

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