Various Types Of Indoor Tanning Products Available Currently

By Haywood Hunter

Other than stepping foot inside beauty parlors, individuals who like to be seen with a sun-kissed glow may go for indoor tanning solutions. Numerous types of tanners are available today. Basically, the choice is dependent on the needs or preferences of the consumers.

Nothing is as popular as UV-free lotions. These products are preferred by many due to the fact that they are very simple to apply. Using these products is just like spreading hand and body moisturizer all over. In order to make the application as trouble-free as possible for the consumers, manufacturers often add bronzing ingredients to instantly leave the area stained.

Lotions are available in both large and small bottles. The ones in large containers are perfect to have at home, suited for people who like to give their entire body a sun-kissed glow. On the other hand, lotions found in small bottles may be taken easily from place to place, allowing the consumers to keep the tan in certain areas of the body deep during their travels.

So many fake suntan fanatics also love to go for gels or creams. What makes them enjoyable to apply is their very thick consistency. More often than not, the reason behind such is the presence of moisturizing ingredients. Most gels and creams on the market are for facial use only. A lot of them have added components like sunscreens, antioxidants and vitamins. These ingredients are around in order to ward off and even reverse those premature skin aging signs to a certain extent.

So many fake suntan fanatics love to use sprays. Often, these products come in aerosol cans in order to deliver the solution within in the form of fine mist. Having the solution applied onto the skin in this manner allows for an even coverage that results in a realistic outcome. Opting for sprays is ideal for people who like to end up with the same effect as airbrushing.

Aside from buying aerosol cans, indoor tan fanatics may also choose to invest in at-home airbrush kits. Opting for this approach requires you to purchase not only the airbrushing tool but also the tanner that is administers. By practicing on a regular basis, it's not unlikely for you to enjoy a UV-free tan that's just as realistic as the professional kind.

You may also choose to go for foam tanners. When dispensed, the solution inside is mixed with air in order to attain a very foamy consistency. If you find gels or creams trouble-free to use, you will surely find foams perfect for your needs.

Consumers may also go for wipes that are trouble-free to use. Going for these products is recommendable for those who like to tan certain areas of the body only like the legs, arms, neck and face. They are used just like those typical moist towelettes designed for babies. The only difference is they are soaked in solutions that can tan the skin artificially.

Regardless of the form, these various indoor tanners contain the same active ingredient known as DHA. It is an organic compound capable of browning dead skin cells. The effect commonly lasts for a week, fading gradually as the skin exfoliates itself.

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