Understanding Sun Laboratories Medium Before And After Usage

By Haywood Hunter

'Sun Laboratories medium before and after' has a couple of meanings of interest to consumers seeking a perfect sunless tan. The company has a thirty-year track record of giving customers the exact shade of bronze they want with safe, natural products that work quickly and effectively. It also offers consumers products that prepare the skin for tanning and nourish it afterwards to extend color and improve the skin's appearance.

Sun Laboratories does not have a great deal of company information on its website, which is mainly a shopping site. However, this is the most trusted name in sunless tanning. Information to help you choose among their three shades of self-tan and other products is found in product descriptions, along with cost, method of application, and other details. There are several ways to apply a fake tan (not really so fake; sunless is a better term). There are lotions, sprays, and airbrush products.

The information you need to make a final choice might not be clear the first time you visit the California company website. (Note to consumers: Don't be fooled by imported, copy-cat products that don't have the back-up research the California original has amassed in over thirty years in business.) However, you will be glad to know that company sales reps know their stuff and will be happy to answer questions about product safety, track record, natural formulas, and which products might suit your skin type and depth of color desired.

There are three shades, and the medium is produced by the original Overnight lotion. This product launched the line, which now includes Ultra Dark and the even-deeper Dark Sunsation. The most natural-looking tans are produced by the original and the ultra formulas, according to product information. You'll see that it takes about three hours for the product to finish its work, and the company recommends using the product overnight to get great results with a minimum of effort.

The products come with easy, detailed directions. There are also informational videos and articles on the website. Customer reviews contain pointers, as well. It's important to know how to apply the product for best results. Go ahead and call the free customer service line for extra help, if you feel uncertain.

The Labs are FDA-approved for both product development and manufacturing. They conduct constant testing to ensure safety and find ways to make their formulas more natural and even less expensive. Absolutely cruelty-free, the development involves no animal testing or even animal proteins in the formulas.

Sunless-tanning is recommended to minimize UV ray exposure, and the natural ingredients of Sun's formulas further protect the skin. The line contains skin care products as well as tanning formulas. Aloe Vera is combined with herbal extracts to smooth and heal skin before tanning, and other gels promote melanin production and moisturize skin to extend the tan and improve appearance after a sunless tan is applied.

Sun Laboratories products are shown in videos online and promoted by before and after-care products. Go to the company home page to find out more information and to see the options you have to get a perfect tan for face and body any time of the year.

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