Tips On Answering Esthetician Test Questions Well

By April Briggs

Estheticians are not allowed to practice until they have sat and passed a particular entry examination. The paper seeks to examine particular study areas and skills. By understanding the format used to set esthetician test questions, you will be better prepared. Each jurisdiction administers a specific examination which calls for attention to details.

Some states administer a standard examination to estheticians in all fields. In other states, the examination depends on the area you are going to practice or specialize. This means that a hair and nail practitioner will sit for a different examination from a facial beautician. This calls for proper understanding so that you study for skills that will be tested in your examination.

Examination equipment also vary from one state and area of practice to the other. Some examination centers will require you to carry your own equipment while others will provide all that you require. Though carrying personal equipment appears expensive, it gives you a chance to understand your equipment and thus use them easily and better. This will make your examination easier to handle.

Preparedness is important in any exam situation. Many people fail because of unnecessary tension and stress associated with revision. Do not be nervous about the test because it will affect your ability to answer the questions. Taking deep breaths and relaxing increases your chances of performing better.

One of the most common issues you will be tested on is the action you take in case blood spills during a procedure. The options provided include bagging all contaminated articles and the blood, documenting the incidence, application of styptics container to the injured part and storing equipment that have been disinfected in a container. You may be required to give the order if all procedures are provided.

There are many terms used in general esthetics that you may be required to define. A common example is iontophoresis where you are given such choices as increased production of elastin by using electrode stimulation, the process of separating negative and positive ions, transforming sebum through a chemical reaction or removing hair using electric current. To successfully handle such a question, you will be required to thoroughly study the area.

Estheticians deal with different skin types on daily basis. It is therefore expected that a question will come from the area. It may require you to determine the kind of mask to be used if a client has oily skin. The choices given may include clay mask, peel mask, firming mask and moisture mask. Expect a question on skin care procedures and how to handle different types.

Estheticians deal with different types of clients throughout their career. You can always expect the examiner to test your customer relation skills through a question like how best to handle contraindication. The options you are likely to get include discontinuing a procedure because of high blood pressure, maintaining the consultation area clean and organized, preparing questions in advance as well as maintaining the right temperature at the salon to make it comfortable. Adequate preparation makes any question easy to handle.

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