The Top Paraben Free Moisturizers That Actually Work

By Elaine Guthrie

For a long time now, people, and more particularly women, have been moisturizing their skin using special creams. Unfortunately, the cosmetic industry has created some very harmful or at least unfavorable products. In order to keep costs down, they've used questionable chemicals in their products that people are applying onto their largest organ, their skin. Below, find out why these products are bad for one's health, and what the best paraben free moisturizers can do.

In Los Angeles CA, for example, but also in other large cities where smog and other problems exist, the skin and people's overall health conditions can be affected. There is much to be said about what might not be seen or actually felt, that is causing health problems. For these reasons and more, people should be looking for more natural, better products.

First off it's important to understand that parabens are actually chemicals. They are included in commercial products in order to prolong their shelf life. They're common in moisturizers, deodorants, and all types of cosmetics, as well as in packaged foods.

The trouble with them is that, although they are typically found to be non-toxic, parabens are also linked to different illnesses, and namely cancer. Female breast cancer patients have also, when tested, been found to have increased levels of parabens in their systems. These chemicals suppress the production of reproductive hormones. In men, elevated levels of parabens have caused impotence, according to several studies. Although these red flags have not completely been proven, people should keep in mind that they are linked to diseases.

Being potentially harmful chemicals, they should be avoided by all. There is enough belief to understand that exposure to these chemicals may have an adverse effect on consumers. Therefore, choose natural options.Always remember that the skin is an organ, the body's largest, which is capable of absorbing lotions and chemicals, allowing them to enter the body.

Therefore, find moisturizers that are free of these chemicals. One step at a time, these harmful chemicals can be limited to the point where people are no longer in danger of developing debilitating diseases as a result of their use or exposure to them. Be prepared, however, to pay a little more for such products that are free of these chemicals.

Look for exceptional ingredients that would really provide great benefits to the skin. They can help the skin experience more natural elasticity once again, by enhancing the structure of the dermis. There are many products available on the market, so do some research and choose the ideal one, after having studied the different options.

Some of these more natural options may contain keratin, which is a complex protein. This protein regenerates collagen, greatly benefiting the hair and nails, but also the skin. Another very popular product is made with seaweed. Its purpose, is all about preventing the loss of hyaluronic acid, which decreases with age. Helping the skin to produce more and prevent loss will prolong the life of collagen, which will delay premature aging.

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