The Best Canoe Trips Nashville Area Offers

By Ericka Marsh

Nashville, Tennessee is the legendary home of country music. It is a tourist haven for those seeking to meet their musical heroes and line dance the night away. Most people do not realize that it is also a destination for the nature lover and adventure seeker. To find the best canoe trips Nashville has to offer check online for small family companies with local knowledge.

Nashville sits on the Cumberland River in an area called the Nashville Basin. I receives waters from the surrounding mountainous areas so there are plenty of rivers and lakes to explore. The climate is humid in summer and hot in autumn and spring. Boat companies are closed in the winter months from around November to February as the winter can be very cold but are short.

Canoe trips can last from an hour to several days. For short trips it is possible to turn up and have a quick paddle at many places. Some rivers have campsites along their banks and companies can organize tours for groups and families which include all the camping equipment and safety gear needed.

As well as river trips Percy Priest Lake has lots of water sports and adventure activities. There are jet skiis, water skiing, boat ramps, pleasure cruises, canoes and even an obstacle course for kayaks. The lake is hugely popular with day trippers and has several campsites for tents and Rvs. It is like an aqua playground for all the family.

Nature lovers should head to the Cumberland River. A number of companies offer bird watching and wildlife spotting canoe trips. What better way to see animals in their habitats than from the water? Local species include river turtles, otter, beaver, deer and an incredible array of bird species. Sightings change according to the season so check online when planning a trip.

The area has tons of places to put a kayak in the water. Harpeth River is one of the most popular spots due to the rugged beauty and variety of wildlife. There is an unbroken stretch of one hundred and twenty file miles of class one river to explore. Guides are usually provided and there are basic campsites with showers to spend the night. These trips are perfect for family groups as the waters are slow and safe.

Fishing is very popular in Tennessee as the state has an incredible range of fish species. Around the city there are several sites for hauling in a large bass for dinner. Other popular catches are Crappie and Tennessee Stripers. Lots of tour agencies run trips to fish from the land and from canoes. The lakes are also really well stocked providing excellent fishing right through the season. Licenses can be purchased online.

A trip to Nashville can provide the excitement of a city break with some relaxing wilderness and adventure. In a small area there are lots of places to see wildlife and take to the water for some canoeing and kayaking. Fishing is very popular in Tennessee as there are so many types in the waters. Either from a kayak or from the bank it is easy to catch dinner.

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