The Advantages Of Using Sunless Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

To protect your skin from harmful rays of the sun, you may find it difficult to get that sexy tan you have always wanted. But thanks to manufacturers of self tanners, you can now buy sunless tanning lotion that contains DHA. These popular products have many benefits to them as explained here.

Tanning lotions are more advantageous over heated beds as they don't dry up the skin or cause red rashes to appear. What's more, you will not experience any side effects as these products have been formulated using natural and safe ingredients. Dermatology specialists approve the use of indoor self tanners for all skin types.

Self tanners with SPF formula protect the epidermis of the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Most sunless lotions contain zinc oxide as their primary ingredient which is an essential component for protecting the skin cells. These products also contain dehydro-xyacetone that further enhances your tanning experience.

To have smoother and wrinkle-free skin, you should consider using sunless tan sprays. There is no need to go to a salon and sit under lamps to get a tan as you can now apply the lotion at home. These products contain a hydrating formula that keeps the moisture in the skin intact and prevent it from dryness.

Some market products can make the skin look that dreaded orange color that most people try to avoid. The secret to a natural looking bronze glow is to look for high quality tanners that are widely available online or in department stores. You can opt for gels, creams, sprays, or lotions that are both affordable and more effective than suntan beds in salons. Within a few minutes of application, you will look as though you have spent all day in the sun.

If you want a darker skin quickly, you should prepare it beforehand. Use an exfoliating brush in the shower to properly scrub away the dead skin cells. Your body will then be ready for tanning treatment. Darkened skin can last up to five days as long as you apply a good moisturizer for a few days after. Use the following guide to successfully achieve a great looking tan from the comfort of your own home.

Start by applying the lotion in sections and massage the product deep into your skin. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap every time a section of your body is done to avoid palm discoloring. It takes at least 15 minutes to dry so it is better to wear loose clothing to minimize sweating.

Another simple way to enhance your tanning results is to follow the experts' guidelines on before and after self tan products. Even if you are not sure which product best suits your budget and expectation, you can get lots of useful advice from technicians online. As suntan booths are expensive, the cheaper alternative would be to opt for sunless tan lotions that can be used in your own home. There are many different treatments available according to your own skin color.

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