Seven Reasons Why Airbrush Spray Tans Are Sought After By Indoor Tan Fanatics Today

By Hasywood Hunter

Currently, a lot of people step foot inside tanning salons than sit under the sun just to get a lovelier complexion. Airbrush spray tans are sought after due to the many advantages they have over other methods of obtaining a fake suntan. Below are seven reasons why they are preferred by those who like to look fabulous without unnecessary UV radiation exposure:

Airbrushing leads to the production of an artificial suntan that looks like the real thing. Because the instrument is operated by a trained individual, the formation of streaks can be avoided. The result is often a far cry from the kind obtained when any other method is employed, especially something done at home like covering the body in UV-free tanning lotion or foam.

Ending up with knees, elbows and other body areas darker than the rest can be dodged. Letting an experienced technician perform the airbrushing is the secret to a consistent color from the face to the toes. In contrast, those who opt for other at-home indoor tanning methods are likely to find themselves having darker colors in certain areas, and their palms are some of them.

A complexion change may be enjoyed the moment the indoor tanner is sprayed. The bronzing ingredient in the solution causes an instantaneous staining of your skin. This is important because it takes 2 to 4 hours before DHA, the active ingredient, creates the initial golden brown shade. With this bronzing ingredient around, you don't have to wait that long to be impressed.

DHA is extracted from plants so it's safe for all types of skin. This all-natural substance is capable of darkening the skin's topmost layer which consists mostly of dead cells. Since there is no need for the person to be exposed to UV radiation, he or she can stay as far away as possible from skin cancer. The skin also doesn't have to end up damaged by the sun.

The fake suntan usually stays around for up to a week. Still it's possible for the bronze color to be enjoyed for as long as a couple of weeks. Regular application of a moisturizing lotion can help slow down the skin's sloughing off, thereby making the color produced last longer. It's a good idea for a customer to ask the technician which moisturizer is best used daily.

The effect of airbrushing may be enjoyed for about a week. However, it's possible for the golden brown color to stay around for up to a couple of weeks. Applying a moisturizing lotion on a regular basis helps delay the skin's exfoliation, thereby causing the fake suntan to last longer. It's not unlikely for the technician to recommend a certain brand suited for the job.

It's possible for certain parts of the body to be airbrushed only. A session that involves the entire body takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete, and that already includes the drying time. The amount of time spent inside the salon is considerably reduced if partial airbrushing is required. Because a trained person is doing all the work, it's possible for each and every part of the body to be airbrushed properly. At-home solutions make it troublesome to deal with the back and other hard-to-reach areas.

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