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By Tammie Caldwell

Women value their outward appearance and their beauty, and so they will ensure that all parts of their body are according how they want. The most important part, the face usually given a lot of attention as well s other areas like the hair and the nails. Getting such services is not hard as there are literally many beauty centers in different corners of town centers. Our beauty salon Miami offers some of the most important services ranging from facial to massage. We provide all these services under one roof.

We perform hair removal for both those who want it to be removed temporarily and permanently. Temporary hair removal involves the use of three methods tweezing, threading, and waxing. Waxing is an easy method for removing unwanted hair from various body parts. There are two types of waxing involved warm and hot wax. In warm wax, we use wax that is derived from honey while in hot wax we use wax that has been heated up to a high temperature. Both methods require cleaning, drying, and gentle application of talcum powder after which the wax is applied.

We can also remove hair from your skin temporarily using threading. The method was derived from India, and it includes the use of cotton wrapped around the fingers, gripped tightly between the hands, and then pulled back and forth on the hairy area. The method is utilized especially for getting rid of hair from the face and eyebrows. For tweezing, we use special tweezers to shape the eyebrows.

For permanent hair removal, we use laser and permanent electrolysis. We have numerous kinds of laser machines that use light to kill the growth of hair. At times, it may cause pain that may require a series of treatments. Lasers can be used for both large areas like legs as well as small areas like face and underarm. Permanent Electrolysis uses electric current to kill the cells the processes hair. It is mostly used for fine facial hair but can also be sued for other body parts where you want the permanent hair to be removed.

If you want manicures and pedicures, you can visit us. Our manicure treatments follow a given procedure, which involves treating the cuticles, nails, and skin the hand up to the elbow area. Te first step we take is to shape your nails by using a nail file then we apply cuticle cream. Afterwards, we soak the hands in warm water that softens the cuticles. We then cut the excess skin using clippers and apply nail polish.

Pedicures also follow the same procedure as manicures. Your feet are soaked in warm water, toenails filed, and cuticles treated. We then exfoliate your legs with the use of an exfoliating cream after which we massage them. We also have wax that we apply on your skin soak to soften it after that we file the nails and apply nail polish on them.

You will also get facials from our salon ranging from deep cleaning to anti ageing depending on the skin type of our clients. All of these facials follow the same procedure of cleansing, exfoliating, masking, and toning of the skin. The most important for us is to determine the kind of treatment needed for each skin type of our clients.

Other services we offer include eyelash and eyebrow tinting. They involve applying dark shade on the brows and the lashes. Bear in mind that the tint can fade with time and so you can visit us for it to be redone. Finally, there are numerous services we offer that we have not listed above like hair making and massaging but if you come to our salon, you can get.

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