Save Your Money And Health By Choosing Sun Labs Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

The use of Sun Labs tanning lotion is a smart way to obtain that perfect bronze complexion. Although applied indoors, this product still promotes effective skin darkening. It's specially formulated to work sans UV radiation exposure.

Sun Labs tanning lotion is preferred by lots of budget-conscious fake suntan supporters. Grabbing a bottle of this indoor tanner is easier on the pocket compared to stepping foot inside a beauty salon where various artificial tan services are being offered. Instead of paying such establishment a visit, all you have to do is reach for your UV-free tanner to look fabulous.

Hearing all those flattering comments on your gorgeous skin tone can be quite addicting. You are likely to end up getting a fake suntan over and over again just to keep those sweet words coming. Certainly, the cost of regularly going to a salon can quickly add up. Thanks to Sun Labs tanning lotion, you don't have to break the bank just to be physically attractive.

The effect of Sun Labs tanning lotion on your skin lasts for about an entire week. Making it stay longer than that is possible by making sure you moisturize regularly. Exfoliating and shaving the skin beforehand also help in prolonging the effect.

Sun Labs tanning lotion rely on bronzer and DHA to impress. The bronzer is the one which produces an instant effect during the application. The exquisite brown tone achieved intensifies as DHA develops. This chemical from sugar cane is the one which produces a lasting fake suntan. Very mild and FDA-approved, DHA won't leave you with irritated skin.

Sun Labs tanning lotion may be purchased in varying sizes to help you stick to your shopping budget. You also get to pick the tan intensity, allowing for a customized outcome. Light-skinned individuals may go for dark Sun Labs tanning lotion for an outcome that's so realistic. The ultra dark variant is suited more for those with naturally bronze complexion.

Nowadays, many had given up sunbathing and switched to Sun Labs tanning lotion use for their health. Medical experts say that getting too much UV light should be avoided because it promotes skin cancer development. In moderate amounts, sunlight is actually good for you because it enables the body to create its own dose of vitamin D. Sadly, you won't be able to attain the complexion you are longing for by staying under the sun for only a few minutes.

By using Sun Labs tanning lotion, there's no need for you to get UV light in excessive amounts just to obtain a lovely complexion. The product helps keep your odds of having skin cancer to a bare minimum. As soon as your skin absorbs Sun Labs tanning lotion, you may put your clothes back on and stay indoors while DHA is carrying out its delegated work.

You don't have to spend a lot just to get the complexion you want, thanks to Sun Labs tanning lotion. Using the UV-free tanner is also a great way to stay in the pink of health. With no sunbathing required, you can save your skin from harm.

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