Reasons Why Using A Sunless Tanner At Home Is A Great Idea

By Haywood Hunter

Allowing the skin to be touched by the sun's UV rays is not the only way to make the complexion look better. The use of a sunless tanner is preferred by a lot of people nowadays. Based on the product's name alone, it's something that enables the user to sport a golden brown skin tone minus sunbathing. Applying it is popular due to the many positive things it brings.

One very obvious perk of choosing this product over sunbathing is there's no need for the person to bake under the sun for hours in order to look great. Getting too much UV rays is actually a bad idea. That's because it considerably increases a person's odds of ending up with skin cancer. If it's not discovered and treated early on, it can lead to the person's death.

An indoor tanning solution is formulated to darken the complexion without involving the sun's UV radiation. This is possible because of the active ingredient called DHA. Extracted from plants, this sugar-based chemical causes dead cells on the skin's topmost layer to end up with a brown color that is highly similar to the tan achieved by a person after sunbathing.

The use of a UV-free tanner allows an individual to sport a realistic bronze skin tone no matter the time of the year. Certain seasons or weather conditions make it impossible to sunbathe. Likewise, not everyone who likes to darken the complexion has easy access to the beach or a swimming pool. A topical solution applied indoors makes sunbathing unnecessary.

Different tones are available for all skin colors. Regardless if the individual likes to enjoy a subtle glow that can be noticed by anyone or something that's so intense that it can stop traffic, there is a sunless tanning product perfect for it. Opting for a shade that is close to the person's natural skin tone, however, is recommended for a very realistic sun-kissed glow.

It's easy to apply the product on certain parts of your body or all over it. There are different forms of tanning products to choose from these days. It's up to you to go for something in lotion, gel, spray, foam or towelette form. Opting for the one that you find trouble-free to apply allows you to end up with a smooth color that looks very similar to the real thing.

Many of the tanners available at the supermarkets or on the web also contain other components that help improve the skin. For example, a consumer may opt for a product with antioxidants that help combat free radicals as well as premature aging signs. He or she may also go for something that has moisturizing ingredients for soft and youthful skin.

Obtaining a fake suntan inside the comfort of one's home is cheaper compared to visiting a tanning salon. It's true that seeking the help of an expert is a great way for a person to sport a skin tone that can impress. However, just about anyone can perfect the art of applying a UV-free tanner by following the manufacturer's directions carefully and practicing always.

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