Radiation And UVA Radiation And Elements And Sun Tanning Lotions

By Haywood Hunter

Many studies are carried out when developing sun tanning lotions. Knowing a little bit about them is important to a small degree for people who choose to use them. For scientists however information as to how to formulate the best products is important.

The ozone layer and sun tanning lotions is a concern that many worry about when spending time at the beach. Studies show that the ozone in actuality is a gas and forms part of the lower portion of the stratosphere. This portion of the stratosphere is located approximately between twenty and thirty kilometers above the surface of the earth. Ozone is a chemical and it is an effective chemical to say the least in acting as a protector against the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun just as Sun tanning lotions will do too.

There are a few types of ultraviolet radiations that are able to penetrate the ozone layer and cause sunburn of varying degrees without the use of Sun tanning lotions. Some of these have been named UVA and UVC radiations. They are electromagnetic radiations with particularly varying wavelengths that either make them dangerous to man or not.

For the layperson buying a sun tanning lotions product off the shelf in their local grocery store or supermarket, this information is not alluded to on the labeling on the product. Today there are many different factors of sun tanning lotion that are available to choose from and it is important to gain an understanding of factors such as these when wanting to spend time at your nearest seaside resort. Logically speaking though, many adhere to the fact that spending too much time in the sun is not conducive to the well being of a person.

This is why when you buy a sun tanning lotions of this kind, they are labeled according to their protective factor. The ozone layer was discovered in the early nineteen hundreds by French physicists namely Charles Fabry and Henri Buisson. Eventually with the help of a British meteorologist G. M. B Dobson, a device was devised called the spectrophotometer or the Dobson meter.

However, it is important to test which ones work the best for you. Some may make you itch whilst others may offer better protection. This is why it is important to test sun tanning lotions on yourself and by using a process of elimination, eliminate those sun tanning lotions that just do not do the job properly.

The lithosphere, in layman terms and in studying sun tanning lotions, is the ground. Mount Everest being its highest point and the Mariana trench its lowest point. Mount Everest almost touches the Troposphere.

The reasons for studying subjects that involve sun tanning lotions is important as understanding them provides producers of Sun tanning lotions with valuable information as to how to combat the effects of harmful radiations. It is advisable however according to many not to sit or bathe in the sun for long periods of time. By minimizing the amount of time you spend in the sun you are able to counteract the harmful side effects that radiations such as these cause.

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