Protection With The Right Suntan Lotion Is Vital

By Haywood Hunter

Spending long hours at the beach, exposed to direct sunlight is a practice that was very common among the population decades ago. Unfortunately, this practice continues to exist among a good part of the population, even today, with proof that it's dangerous. The importance of protecting the skin with the right suntan lotion is second to none, and must become a habit for many reasons.

Neglecting to look at the reality of the statistics, and how skin cancer is on the rise is pure ignorance. Certainly, with the sun does offer, meaning the vitamin D, is important, it can be absorbed safely. There is no need to sit out indirect sunlight in order to get the daily dose, as it is just the same being exposed to indirect sunlight. Plus, it only takes a few minutes to get the daily dose, not hours basking in the UVA and UVB rays.

The only difference is that there is much less danger in doing so. Moreover, people need to forget about using homemade solutions of oil and iodine, baby oil, and other types that can lead to burning. Leaving the skin unprotected, or adding to it can only be a recipe for disaster.

The intelligent way to go about this is to use a lotion that has sunblock in it. The amount of the SPF protection should be dictated by that particular daily routine, and the estimated time that one will spend outdoors. A good example is running errands by car. Since the individual will be exposed to very little sunlight, then the minimal amount of SPF would be necessary.

On the other hand, if going to the beach, then the maximum amount of SPF protection would be required. The number indicated on the bottle means how much longer a person can be outdoors before burning. There are is a wide range of products available to meet the needs of every individual consumer.

However, consumers need to follow the manufacturer's directions. Each product is made differently, and so should be used differently. Some may be waterproof and require reapplication only hours later, while others require a new application immediately after swimming. Following the directions will ensure safety, and reduce the risk of developing skin cancer.

Certainly, it's a practice that really does require getting used. The fact is that everyone should protect themselves each time before they head outdoors. There are many hours in the day where the sun is at its peak, or other days where the UV Index is very high. Either of these examples would require the maximum SPF protection. Be sure to listen to the news to know what the UV Index is every day.

More than that, these products are created in such a way to make them appealing to consumers so that they use them regularly. They no longer have to be greasy, and instead are absorbed by the skin properly, making people feel more comfortable. Furthermore, they smell great, so people do not always have to feel like their sunblock is interfering with their daily life.

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