Procedures To Carry Out Before Applying Your Self Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

Choosing to have a sunless tan in the comfort of your own home is a smart move. It saves you from getting too much UV light and risking your health. It's also very convenient as you no longer have to visit a local salon. Prior to the application of a top-notch self tanning lotion, the skin has to be prepared. Doing so allows you to enjoy a long-lasting fake suntan that looks just like the real deal.

Dirt and grime sitting on the top of your skin should be removed. Their presence can keep DHA, the active ingredient in today's tanners, from being absorbed and doing its job. Take a shower at least 6 hours before applying your tanner in order to attain the best possible outcome.

While in the shower, remove dead skin cells. Exfoliating beforehand is recommended because of two reasons. First, it keeps the end result from appearing patchy. Second, it makes the bronze color stay around longer. Using a loofah to polish the skin may be done. However, indoor tanning experts recommend the use of a body exfoliating gel made exclusively for fake suntan fanatics.

Removing unwanted or excessive body hair is also a must. A blotchy outcome is likely to happen if the tanner is applied on areas with hair. This is something you don't want to happen because it's a clear indicator that your tan is the fake kind. Whether you prefer to wax or shave, make sure that the procedure is carried out at least a day in advance to allow irritated skin to heal.

The application of cosmetic products should be avoided. Anything that you place on the skin can prevent DHA from being absorbed completely. Make sure that you skip using perfume, makeup, lotion and others just before you apply the tanner of your choice.

Apply a thin layer of your preferred moisturizing lotion on really dry skin areas. Dry areas tend to absorb more of the tanner's DHA than the rest. This makes them end up darker, something you don't want to happen because it doesn't look flattering at all. Just before you use the tanner of your choice, apply a thin layer of moisturizing lotion on your ankles, knees, elbow and others that are too dry.

Preparing the skin for the application of the indoor tanner that you trust is important. This helps the product give you the most realistic fake tan possible. Certainly, it's also a must for you to apply the product evenly in order to attain a really smooth outcome.

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