Practical Tips On How To Use The Best Self Tanners Properly

By Haywood Hunter

Nowadays, many people are switching from the use of tan beds and sun tanning to application of sunless tan products because of their safety benefits. With best self tanners, they can help transform your skin to a golden look. But, sunless tanners come in many types and you need to use the right substance for your skin. Many people have realized the usefulness of sunless tan products, however there is need for these tanners to be applied properly.

The good thing about the lotions is that their fragrance and tint are capable of lasting for longer periods. Before applying a tanner lotion, you have to exfoliate your skin. The essence of exfoliating is to do away with dead skin present on the skin surface. It also removes oils on skin. If you do not want your skin to be blotched and have uneven tan, then do not skip this step.

Talking of gels, they too have their merits when using them. First and foremost, they dry fast, and also have a less sticky feel. Spray tanners on the other hand are hard to use. It requires the help of an extra hand when using them. However, they are still good for the face, neck, and upper chest.

If it is possible to maintain the beauty, then it is worth using the tanning product. To get more long lasting effects, sunless tanner has to be applied with a lot of astuteness. Skin exfoliation is usually the first step before the application of a tanner lotion. This is important especially in removing dead skin deposited on the surface of the skin. Moreover, this prevents the skin from blotching and acquiring an uneven tan.

People who fail to exfoliate their skin risk blotching and ending up with uneven tan. Certain body sections such as the elbows, knees, and the ankles require more time while exfoliating. They are composed of thick, dry, and rough surfaces and hence demand more time while eliminating the cells and oils.

Washing hands will help avoid palms from turning orange. Using gloves or loofahs is also a wise idea. However, this should be done before tanner application. Make it a habit to always dilute the tan before massaging your joints. After the tan, you may now dress. However, remember to leave your skin surface to dry for about 10 minutes before dressing.

Ensure that you only wear light apparels, which will prevent you from sweating. If you sweat before the tan has penetrated the skin, you may cause dripping, something that could lead to streaks and blotching. Applying sunscreen on a daily basis may be useful. The sunscreen applied should be capable of being used for both UVA and UVB protection.

It is also important to understand that dry spots may also absorb more color. This may in turn make the sections turn darker than the rest of the body. Rough areas of skin may require moisturizing before applying a tan product. You may want to avoid applying tanner on the areas that are obscured from sunlight. Sections such as the heels and soles should be kept tanner free.

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