Lovely Sun Ultra Dark Spray

By Haywood Hunter

The fact is that sunbathing is dangerous today. Tan beds are also related to some level of risk. Using self tanning products is easier, healthier and smarter solution. With all those lotions, creams and foams, you don't have to be pale. Sun Ultra Dark Spray is very nice solution for your problem.

Sun Ultra Dark Spray is easy to use, but don't be discouraged if you don't succeed the first time. You need to practice, if you never try anything like this. You have to shake a bottle and make sure the nozzle is perfectly clean. You should always spray it from the same distance, and you have to prepare your skin.

Sun Ultra Dark Spray should be applied on perfectly clean, smooth and moisturized skin. If yours is dry and damaged, you won't be satisfied with your results. Especially if you have rough heels and elbows. Dry skin can absorb more color, and it doesn't look very appealing. Smaller imperfections can be successfully covered.

All skin types need to be properly prepared for Sun Ultra Dark Spray. After taking a long shower and exfoliating it with some gentle exfoliating product, use nourishing body milk or a moisturizer. If your heels are in very bad condition, try soaking it in salted water for a while, and then remove all dead skin parts.

You should always read the instructions. Apply your favorite moisturizer, to make your skin smooth and soft. You should wait for a while before applying your Sun Ultra Dark Spray. Prepare a soft cloth for removing eventual excesses of color.

Sun Ultra Dark Spray uses micro mist technology. It means that color is applied in form of tiny drops, in very thin layer. Light texture makes this product very nice for every skin type, it is non-greasy and doesn't leave stains, if properly applied. It has very appealing scent of almond and cherries.

Sun Ultra Dark Spray contains DHA. This compound is extracted from natural sugar. It reacts with proteins in skin, providing golden nuances similar to natural tan, with no orange hues characteristic for other products. The percentage of DHA used determines the intensity of color.

Considering the fact the amount of the product in each bottle is enough for several applications, you need to clean the nozzle very carefully. If it get clogged, you will get poor results. Sun Ultra Dark Spray dries quickly, and if you take a break, make sure to clean the nozzle again. Never forget to shake the bottle well.

Apply Sun Ultra Dark Spray slowly and evenly, without spraying it more than once on the same area. Thanks to its built-in color indicator, you will be able to see the results right away, and to correct eventual mistakes you have made. This intense color will be washed away, leaving the skin flawlessly bronze.

You can get similar results in professional airbrush salon, of course, but it's simple enough to do it in your bath. Maybe it can be messy at first, until you get used to it. In time, you will become a real expert, and you won't be sorry for buying Sun Ultra Dark Spray.

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