How Red Light Therapy For Wrinkles Works

By Elaine Guthrie

Anyone can buy a boatload of anti-aging beauty and skincare products to fill an entire vanity or medicine closet with lotions, liquids and creams. There's also no dearth of surgical procedures to make aging symptoms like wrinkles vanish for the moment. But red light therapy for wrinkles is a rather innovative technique that is increasingly popular these days.

Phototherapy or heliotherapy is an established and scientifically proven technique for treating a wide range of ailments and disorders. It can help patients suffering from skin-related disorders such as eczema and acne. It speeds up healing of open wounds, and is even known to be useful for slowing down cancer. Not to mention other problems like sleep disorders, depression and stress.

There are two types of phototherapies. One is the non-targeted type, wherein people are told to get exposure to sunlight, either directly or through a reflecting lightbox. The other is the targeted type in which a specific part of the skin is subjected to light rays from man-made sources such as LEDs, lasers and gas lamps.

So red light therapy comes under this targeted type, focused on the wrinkled skin around the eyes. At this point, one important thing to remember is that these are not infrared rays that are invisible to the naked eye. German researchers at the University of Ulm conducted a study that proved beyond doubt how red spectrum visible rays are beneficial in combating medical ailments.

It's all about elastin. This protein is what keeps skin elastic by controlling the producing of collagen as needed. When a person starts aging, these elastin fibers go out of whack and there's not collagen to help the skin bounce back, both literally and figuratively. The end result is that the skin is increasingly more stretched and baggy, and this is what is called wrinkles.

The root cause of the problem is that as a person ages, water layers surrounding the elastin fibers change and disrupt the normal functioning. Under such situations, when a particular patch of skin gets subjected to high-intensity visible light rays, the blood circulation gets a sudden boost and the elastin is freed up to continue its work. More collagen gets produced, and the skin will quickly regain its normal health.

The process is simple, non-invasive and completely painless. Areas of the skin which have wrinkles or wounds will heal quickly. Other areas that are normal will gain a healthy sheen because of the extra collagen production.

Beauty salons and skincare clinics today have FDA-approved devices for phototherapy treatments. It's also possible to buy devices that can help people do the same thing at home. This will be a headgear unit that subjects the area around the eyes to the rays, along with goggles that keep the eyes safe.

It is advisable to use phototherapy devices only for a very short duration. It's helpful when used as suggested, but overuse where high-intensity light is focused on a small part of the skin will cause harm. The typical recommended usage is for one-minute treatments for three or at most four times a day. Anyone with other skin disorders or medical conditions should first consult with their physician or dermatologist.

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