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By Ericka Marsh

A lot of people take great pride in their physical appearance, especially their face. They know that the face and skin is often used as a first impression. Many consider it when judging attractiveness, age and health of a person. A lot of beauty products are available today. Skin treatments may also be effective, such as facials. This is the name used for procedures that improve the skin on the face and often include use of steam, lotions and creams, masks, peels, exfoliation, massage and extraction. A microcurrent facial NYC is an option offered by many businesses in this city.

This is a modern type of facial that is used by many people. It is often called the natural facelift, although it is a process that does not require invasive cosmetic surgery. The process is said to be painless and safe. Many people who have it done are looking to reduce puffiness, erase wrinkles and fine lines, define features, increase the cellular activity, tighten pores and improve overall muscle tone. Results differ by person, but many tout the younger and healthier look they have following this procedure.

During the procedure, low-voltage electric currents are emitted. These are similar to the natural currents that the body emits. This is done on a cellular level in order to repair skin that is damaged.

Elastin and collagen production is said to be stimulated during this process. The current employed is extremely light. Still, this facial may also be called a facial tonight because it provides a workout to the facial muscles. That is, the cells are being broken down and when they grow back they are stronger. It is the same thing that occurs in people who lift weights.

This is believed to be a beneficial practice. It can help increase blood circulation, elastin and collagen in the face. This might be done for preventative purposes or as a way to treat signs of aging. While this is not recommended for people suffering with heart problems or pregnant women, it is considered safe and effective for all skin types and colors. People should always consult with their aestheticians or cosmetic doctors to discuss skin sensitivities or other allergies that might be relative.

Generally, the sessions are between an hour and an hour and a half. The professional who does the procedure will use prongs to administer the energy to the different areas of the face. Patients typically describe a tingling sensation during this process. Still, most find it to be relaxing like other facial treatments. In addition to the application of electrical currents, patients may have cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating and massage services done.

There are not many side effects that are associated with this facial. In fact, most can carry out their daily business once the procedure is complete. Redness might be present right after, particularly when more than one facial treatment is done in a session.

Results are typically visible instantly. The skin may look tighter and more hydrated. Physical features, such as the cheeks and jawbone, might be more defined as well. Results differ by individuals and will usually start to go away after a couple weeks. After a series of session, improvements will generally last for a longer time. Consult with providers about how often these treatments should be done to maintain results. Costs will differ. Research should be done to locate the best local providers.

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