Finding Varicose Vein Treatment Dayton OH Residents Can Depend On

By Elaine Guthrie

As much as 60 percent of all women and men in the country suffer with vein disorders according to the National Institutes of Health. The condition is caused when valves in the circulatory system fail and cause blood to pool in the vessels carrying blood to the heart. When this happens, sufferers need to find varicose vein treatment Dayton OH residents can rely on for relief.

The purpose of the one-way valves inside the blood vessels is to keep blood flowing in the proper direction. Factors that increase the risk for developing this condition include a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, pregnancy, leg trauma, age, and family history. Physicians can use various medical procedures and suggest lifestyle changes to treat the condition.

Most people can live with this condition without any medical complications. In severe cases, the patient may experience pain and develop blood clots, skin ulcers, or other complications. Some individuals seek treatment to reduce the appearance of distended veins. Treatment options range from non-invasive procedures to minor surgery.

The physician may suggest various treatments to manage symptoms and help the patient avoid complications in the future. Increasing the amount of physical activity and losing excess weight are two lifestyle changes that can have a positive effective. Some people wear compression garments to prevent blood from pooling.

Laser therapy is noninvasive and among the most effective treatments for small veins in the legs. The physician applies the laser directly to the epidermis to scare the damaged veins and destroy them. Another option is to insert the laser fiber directly into the veins. This closes the passage and prevents blood from flowing through.

Sclerotheraphy is a minimally invasive procedure that involves injecting a chemical directly into the veins. Scherosant is a substance that destroys the vessel's inside lining. This forces the vein to close up.

Radiofreqency is another procedure that is minimally invasive and can be performed in a doctor's office. The physician will give the patient a mild sedative or administer a local anesthetic to control pain. Radiofrequency energy has the same effect as laser therapy. The energy is fed through a tube and closes off the damaged vessels.

Some patients may require a minor surgical procedure called ligation and stripping. This sometime requires general anesthesia and must take place in a hospital setting. The physician uses a special tool to grab onto the damaged vessels and remove them. The patient can usually leave the hospital within a few hours without an overnight stay.

Individuals at high risk of developing varicose veins can adopt certain healthy lifestyle changes to prevent them from developing or getting worse. These include taking frequent breaks if they must sit or stand for long periods. Increasing physical activities improves muscle tone and keep blood circulating freely. Wearing clothing that is tight around the legs, groin, and waste can aggravate this condition. Wearing shoes with low heels helps keep the calf muscles strong and aids in leg circulation. When lifestyle changes fail to help, individuals should seek the advice of a qualified physician.

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