Finding Higher Quality Salon Equipment

By Jeffrey Truitt

The hair salon business is one many people want to start but fall short while in the planning stage. They forget how important location is and if clients will be open to driving to the new salon. Also they forget about security. Many clients limit the areas of town they shop at due to security or traffic. Pick a location that fits the clients you want to attract.

Second to location is salon design. While a basic salon can make money and serve the needs of the community a upscale salon with amazing ambiance could double the amount each client spends. the trend is for more elegant surroundings so keep this in mind when working on a budget.

The chair you select for your salon can set the ambiance. A higher end look will make clients expect to pay a bit more as they expect you will provide better service. This can pay for the extra such a nice chair might cost. Also the shampoo chairs selected will make a difference. You can take your shampoo room from dull and boring to a spa feel with the chairs and bowls selected. Add massage function to your chair and this could be a new profit center.

Due to limited local supply most buyers shop on the net. You have unlimited selections of lower and higher quality available. Bottom line is low price will usually mean low quality. I have purchased both and find this statement to be true in every case.

Usually most of the lower cost chairs and shampoo chairs are made of cheap materials. The color might fade and many have a chemical scent that transfers to clients clothing. The metal used is weak and can bend or break when a client sits down. Higher quality will cost a lot more but is safer to use and will last for many years.

The key in shopping online is looking at the manufacturer guarantee and time in business. Look at how the product is shipped. Some ship complete fully assembled pieces and others compact everything into a small box to cut shipping cost. Guess which are most likely the better quality.

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