Best Home Remedies For Skin Tightening

By Elaine Guthrie

There are many factors that may cause the skin to loose its elasticity. They include age, exposure to the sun, drastic weight loss, pregnancy, poor diet and use of the wrong skin care products, among others. Here is a list of excellent home skin tightening remedies that will produce excellent results on all types of skins including the normal, oily, sensitive and dry varieties.

Egg whites contain natural astringents that loosen the sagging parts. The nourishment is found in the hydro-lipids present in egg white. It can be applied alone or mixed with yogurt and allowed to remain on the face for twenty to thirty minutes. To enjoy excellent results, this mixture is used twice a week.

Lemon is preferred because of its vitamin C content that is useful in collagen production. Collagen helps different muscles to maintain their elasticity. Lemon contains astringent properties that are effective in fighting wrinkles. This is necessary in eliminating sagging. Rubbing lemon directly on the neck or face and allowing it to remain for ten minutes will produce the expected results. Lemon juice may also be mixed with water and used in cleaning the face.

Aloe Vera produces excellent results on sagging skins. It contains malic acid that boosts elasticity in order to get rid of the sagging areas. Aloe Vera also acts as a natural moisturizer. The gel is extracted and smeared on the face and neck and left for up to ten minutes. Mixing it with honey and mayonnaise also produces excellent results.

Cucumber produces three benefits when used on any part of the body. It acts as a toner, it rejuvenates and refreshes the surface. Cucumber juice is strained and applied directly on the face and neck. Alternatively, you may combine it with yogurt to form a face mask. The other option is to mix with egg white and vitamin E oil. It is let to dry then washed off using cool water. The remedy should be used once or twice a week.

Oil massage produces natural tightness and has been in use for centuries. The most common oil is Olive because of its high vitamins A and C concentration. These elements are natural anti-oxidants and are therefore vital in preventing aging. Besides olive oil, you may use almond, grape seed, jojoba, coconut and avocado oils. They are used during light massage and should be warmed before application.

Honey provides natural anti-aging, hydrating and anti-oxidant properties. This combination is perfect when dealing with sagging skin areas. It is mixed with other elements like olive oil and lemon juice. Sour cream and turmeric powder also help to enhance the effectiveness of honey. The mixture is applied and allowed to remain for up to fifteen minutes. It is then rinsed of with lukewarm and later cold water. This procedure is repeated once a week until the results are satisfactory.

It is important to consult tightening experts Cincinnati, OH to know the genesis of sagging. This ensures that any measures taken or remedies used are effective. Do not apply any mixture on acne or open wounds. In case you experience negative reaction, discontinue use immediately.

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