Basics About Invisalign In Henderson NV

By April Briggs

Everyone has something about their appearance they would like to change. Whether you're young or old, people look at your smile and treat you differently based on your appearance. Self esteem is built in this way, which is why Invisalign in Henderson NV has had a major increase in its use.

Dentists and orthodontists offer the residents in the area of Henderson, NV the chance to have straight teeth without the unsightly traditional braces and rubber band system that were used many years ago. This kind of prosthetic correction device can be used without anyone ever knowing that you are going through the process. Since it is a clear and custom made alignment tool, you will ever see the metal that was traditionally used nor have to deal with painful adjustments.

When you begin treatment, the dentist will take impressions of all of your teeth along with X-rays to use in the making of your tray. It is a starting point for them to see which teeth need to be moved, how much they need moving and in which direction the movement needs to go. So this step is important to your tray creation, so it is seen where they are needed most.

Once done your dental professional can give you an idea as to the length of your therapy and can even show you what the teeth will look like every step of the way. You might need a total of 8 months and sixteen trays, but most adults require a year of therapy. Teens normally see the same amount of time their teeth need when using traditional metal bracing therapy.

Plastic trays don't bother your gums and inner jaw like the old metal does, and can't be seen since they're made of BPA free plastic. You just insert them and remove only when brushing your teeth, eating and flossing. This almost painless manner of straightening is a gradual adjustment that results in a straight and beautiful smile.

The average treatment plan consists of you wearing a different shaped tray twice a month, so that the teeth are constantly moving towards the end result. Most dentists will suggest you sleep with them, as the best therapy is seen when they're worn around twenty hours a day. This keeps the teeth in alignment for a longer period of time, so they do not backslide to their previous position.

When you're done with therapy, you can ask the dentist if you will need a retainer to keep the straight smile you have achieved. It isn't a requirement for many people, but you just finished a year of investing in your smile so asking never hurts. Keeping that smile you worked so hard for is the goal of your aftercare.

For information on this product and if you are a good candidate for it, speak with your dentist. If you have an overbite, gaps between your teeth, an under or open bite as well as overcrowded teeth you could be a candidate. Contact your dentist for further details about your insurance coverage and specific needs.

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