An Overview On Nail Salon In Las Vegas

By Bernadette Martin

The past decade has seen nails bars becoming very popular. These facilities aim at providing services such as manicures pedicures and nails enhancements in an effort to take care of the nails of their customers. Other salons may offer skin care related services to clients. This article aims at providing info on Nail salon in Las Vegas, functions of nail techs, licensure, educational requirements, salary info and employment options.

It is a nice idea to make yourself familiar with equipment used in beauty parlors. Such equipment may include nail art drill electric file among others. This will provide you with knowledge of some equipment you are likely to see in city Las Vegas, NV salons and their usage. Most individuals prefer nail salons to spas and hotels although them too provide beauty services.

Nails technicians may be also referred to as pedicurist or manicurist. They help customers improve their appearance. Their major duties include providing manicure and pedicure services to clients. Some nails techs provide other services including, the removal or application of artificial nails that include, porcelain nails, acrylic nails, fiberglass and silk nails. Others may provide nail art to customers.

Aspiring professionals in this field should consider completing a training program that consists a coursework. This coursework always has a designated number of hours. In this program, students are familiarized with nail technology, business and salon management, infection control, basic manicuring, regulatory and tax laws, diseases and infections that are likely to infect nails and skin among other skills.

Students are subjected to a working setting whereby they are required to perform procedures previously taught on live clients. This aims at preparing students for licensure examinations. To become a professional in this field it is wise to register for training first. Here you will acquire necessary knowledge and skills that will help you in licensure.

It is important to stress on the importance of licensure. This is because you cannot be allowed to operate without relevant qualifications. A Certificate or diploma is enough although some people may opt for degrees. Consider completing either of the programs so that the state may allow you carry out your activities.

The aim of licensing is to ensure that technicians possess relevant skills and are familiar with state laws and regulations governing sanitation. For you to become licensed you have to pass a written and practical skills exam. If you become a licensed technician, you are likely to find employment in beauty and nail salons or hotels. You may also consider establishing your own shop that offers beauty services.

It is estimated that manicurists and pedicurists earn up to $19,340 annually. They may earn $9.30 per hour. Most of them earn $8.03 or less in an hour. Recent studies show that the pedicure and manicure workforce in the city Las Vegas, NV is dominated by immigrants from East Asia. The working environment in these parlors can be very hazardous. Evidences show that workers are exposed to numerous chemicals from nails polishes. These provides a potentially unjust and hazardous working environment. Chemical components such as ethyl alcohol, butyl acetate and ethyl acetate contained in these polishes are extremely dangerous to human health. Workers should therefore wear gloves and masks for their safety.

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