A Look At Laser Hair Removal Toronto

By April Briggs

This is the process of removing unnecessary hairs by making use of laser rays which work to destroy the hair. It was done experimentally twenty years before it became accepted as a method of hair removal in mid nineteen nineties. The dermatologists have widely accepted the efficiency of laser hair removal Toronto and it is practiced widely in the clinics and even at homes using appliances that are specially designed for self-therapy.

Hair removal by using laser rays is not just getting rid of unwanted hairs. It is a complex process that requires one to be trained and specialized because it comes with great risks. Before having the process done on you, ascertain that the doctor is experienced in performing it.

Special preparations before this include shying away from waxing, plucking and also electrolysis of hairs for the six weeks preceding the procedure. This is because laser rays target the hair roots which are used temporarily removed in an event of plucking or waxing . Sun exposure is also to be avoided for at least six weeks as it makes the treatment less effective and increases the chances of complications thereafter.

The principle of therapy here is making use of photothermolysis that is selective in which specified wavelength of light and also the pulse perod have a best effect on portions of skin that are targeted without in any way affecting the surrounding portions of skin. The rays can damage some localized portions of the skin when that start to heat melanin in the follicle without acting on the areas that are surrounding. Darkened objects are great absorbers of light and that is why melanin easily absorbs light and at a greater scale. The needed black regions can be added artificially or even the natural ones.

Melanin is usually considered the main chromophore in all types of hairs removal involving laser in Toronto. Melanin is naturally in human skin giving it and hair color. Types of melanin include eumelanin and pheomelanin, eumelanin is what gives your hair brown or even a black color while pheomelanin gives blonde and also red color.

Only black and brown hair is usually removed by this process because of its absorption of photons selectively. The treatment usually works best in hairs that are dark and coarse. The ideal combination is a light skin and hairs that are dark and produces best results. Although new lasers are available to target dark skinned patients with black hairs, the results are not that good.

Getting rid of hairs using laser rays has become a popular method because it is efficient and speedy. When the operator has better skills, the method becomes more efficient and faster. There are various technologies and some are more efficient for the procedure.

Some of the clients may need subsequent touch ups especially on the large areas after having the initial three to eight treatments. Some of the clients do not respond to the therapy and this comes in when the therapy is done using the wrong instruments or the parameters of these equipment are too low. Sometimes it could be because the client is not a viable candidate for the procedure.

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