Your Best Self Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

Beautiful summer glow is always popular, thanks to the fact that everyone looks so much better this way. The cheapest way for getting this lovely bronze color is to spend several hours sunbathing. Of course, this way you can be tanned only during summer months, and sunbathing can be quite dangerous. Choosing good quality self tanning lotion might be much better solution.

There are numerous tanning salons offering all types of services. Tanning beds are still very popular, although most people don't realize that this equipment emits high levels of UV radiation. Besides, different lotions used in tan beds rarely contain SPF, their primary purpose is to accelerate your bronzing, enhancing the production of melanin. Some can contain other chemicals or colorants as well.

Sunless tanners come in forms of sprays, gels, lotions and creams. Today, most of them are based on DHA. DHA has very interesting characteristic. When it is applied on the skin, it reacts with skin cells, and dye them into different bronze nuances. It usually affects only the top skin layer, containing mostly dead skin cells. The higher percentage of DHA in your products will create darker nuances.

DHA is made from sugar and it is really harmless, what makes it good for all skin types. It affects only the top skin layer, made mostly of dead skin cells. Human skin sheds occasionally, and these dead skin cells will gradually fall off. That's why your color will disappear in maybe ten days. Simply apply another layer of your selected tanner when you think it is needed.

For achieving the best possible results and perfectly smooth and even tan, you need to follow only a few simple rules. First, you have to prepare your skin for the application. Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize, and you will be satisfied with your results every single time. Besides, this preparation will make your color more even and longer lasting. Of course, you need to choose good quality products.

Making the right choice is not so easy. There are numerous different products out there, and it is hard to choose the best one. The first thing you should do is to read the list of ingredients. Search for natural ingredients, good quality natural moisturizers such as hemp seed oil and natural anti-oxidants. It is always advisable to choose products that contain higher SPF.

Sunbathing results with darker skin, thanks to increased level of melanin. This dark color is a natural protection against dangerous UV rays, with SPF three or even four, depending on your skin type. If you use self tanners without SPF, your tan will be bronze, but won't provide any UV protection. Considering different health risks associated with sun exposure, you should use products with SPF when outside.

You cannot expect spectacular results if you use low quality products. Invest in good ones, and you will be more than satisfied. Of course, if you can afford it, you can go to some respectable airbrush tanning salon. Airbrush gun is great for applying different self tanners, and this way you can be sure your tan will be absolutely perfect.

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