Why You Should Consider Tanning Indoors With The Sun Sunless Tanner

By Haywood Hunter

Sunbathing is not only dangerous but it's also impractical to do at certain times. Because of this, it's a better idea to go for the use of the Sun sunless tanner to look lovelier. In case UV-free tanning at home is something that you have not tried in the past, read on. Below are some of the many advantages of buying a bottle of this well-known product.

It allows you to have an eye-catching sun-kissed glow at any time you want. You can darken your skin no matter if it's snowing or raining outside. An instant change in your complexion happens the moment you smooth the product on your skin. Expect for the color to darken further after 24 to 72 hours so you can be seen with a dazzling complexion.

There are varying tan shades available these days. It is completely up to you to decide which among dark, medium dark and ultra dark shades can make you look and feel beautiful. However, the manufacturer suggests for indoor tan fanatics to opt for shades that are close to their real skin tones. Doing so allows them to be seen with the most realistic artificial suntan.

Choosing to tan in the comfort of your home reduces your chances of ending up with deadly skin cancer. The sun emits UV light, something regarded by medical experts as a carcinogen. Indoor tanning saves you from being exposed to this radiation unnecessarily. Because of this, you can have peace of mind that you are not risking your life while getting a tan.

Indoor tanning also saves you from looking old. Skin experts say that the primary reason why various aging signs show up prematurely is getting too much UV radiation exposure. There is no use in having a lovely skin tone if your face is full of wrinkles, liver spots and others. By choosing to get a tan minus the sun, it can be easier for you to maintain a youthful beauty.

For an entire week, you can be spotted with a lovely and healthy glow. The name of the chemical responsible for artificial skin darkening is DHA. It produces impressive results by causing dead cells on the skin's topmost part to end up with a brown color. In about a week's time, the fake tan gradually disappears because of skin exfoliation. It's a good thing that you may sport the lovely sun-kissed glow longer through the regular application of moisturizer to delay the skin's sloughing off.

You can choose from a wide variety of UV-free tanners on the market these days. There are creams, gels, foams and sprays. It's also possible for you to come across wipes perfect for tanning small areas of the body. However, still the most popular form of all is the lotion. No matter which of them you prefer, it's for sure that Sun Laboratories' formulation is superb.

Compared to paying a beauty salon a visit, tanning at home is more affordable. It also lets you save a lot of your time and energy. Simply by following the manufacturer's directions for use, you can end up with a lovely fake suntan.

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