Why A Tanning Lotion Is More Sensible Than Prolonged Contact To The Sun

By Haywood Hunter

One would think that by this time most people have got the message that exposure to the sun is dangerous to their health. Yet people still desire a golden brown skin and allow the sun to bake them into ill health. Cancer is not the only threat. Ugly skin scars, liver spots and wrinkles are all results of over exposure to the sun. The better option is to use self tanning lotion.

Even a rudimentary online search will reveal that there are numerous products that promise to produce an instant tan. Some of the sites provide reviews of various products but consumers should be careful about accepting advice from such sites. The secret is to find a product that will work on the specific skin type on which it will be used. What works for one person does not necessarily work for another.

Care should be taken when researching products online. Some manufacturers have websites disguised as consumer sites and it is obvious that they will promote their own products. It is best to look for websites that are truly independent and that compare various products objectively with each other. It would also be wise to use only sites that employ the services of content managers that are experts in this field.

Many fashion and beauty magazines also offer advice to their readers and they may even conduct tests themselves. Their advice is normally independent and objective. It may also be a good idea to ask advice from a beauty salon that has experience in this field. They will also be able to determine the exact skin type and the products that will work best with that skin type.

Good quality products are expensive. Buying a cheaper product is a risky business. Inferior products can cause highly unfavorable results. The resultant skin color can be uneven and it can range from orange to red. The skin can become blotchy and in extreme cases blisters can develop. It is most certainly better to rather not use such products if a high quality brand cannot be afforded.

The ingredients of a product should also be studied very carefully. Many products contain allergens that can lead to extreme discomfort. If the product does not list all its ingredients it is better to avoid using it. Even if all the ingredients are listed, it is still wise to test the product on a small area of the skin to make sure that there are no adverse effects.

Users of all types of beauty products should be environmentally responsible when they select their products. No responsible consumer will even consider a product that has been tested on animals or that has been manufactured by a company notorious for pollution. Care should also be taken when disposing of containers since many of the products are harmful to the environment.

There is no arguing that the sun can cause irreparable damage to the skin and even cancer. The best precaution is to stay out of the sun and to wear sunscreen when it is unavoidable. For those that still want a tan, the use of a lotion appropriate to the specific skin type is definitely a much wiser option.

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