Why Sunbathing Is No Match Against Self Tanning Lotion Use

By Haywood Hunter

Baking under the sun for several minutes is no longer essential just to make your skin tone look lovely. The application of self tanning lotion allows you to obtain the same effect as sunbathing. Using such product is highly popular among so many tan fanatics. Continue reading to know the various reasons why you should turn your back on the sun and grab an indoor tanner.

A lovely sun-kissed glow appears upon applying the product all over or only on parts that are exposed when you are clothed. This is possible due to the bronzer added by the manufacturer into the formulation. Additionally, this ingredient that leaves the skin stained helps you smooth the product evenly so that the resulting tan is streak-free and as realistic as possible.

Ending up with a consistent golden brown hue all over your body is trouble-free. By applying the tanner according to the directions printed on the bottle, each part of your body can sport the same lovely color. This is something difficult to attain when you bathe in the sun. You constantly have to make sure that every area is being exposed to those UV rays equally.

You can sport a gorgeous complexion without the need to look red beforehand. Nothing is pretty about appearing like a tomato, a post-sunbathing issue that is common most especially among people with really light skin tone. This problem is not going to bug you when you opt for indoor tanning. The moment the lotion is dry, you may start to show off your radiant complexion.

The use of an indoor tanner allows you to be seen with a lovely complexion for up to a week long. Such is possible due to the active ingredient known as dihydroxyacetone or DHA. When the lotion is applied, this chemical comes into contact with protein in dead cells. This causes the topmost layer of your skin to gradually assume a bronze tone that stays for several days.

A lovely tan may be enjoyed regardless of the season or weather outside. The product can make your skin tone darker minus the need to have it bombarded with the UV rays of the sun. No matter if the sky is really cloudy or the rain doesn't seem to want to stop, worry not. Using the indoor tanner lets you have the complexion you like even without direct exposure to sunlight.

Using the product significantly reduces your odds of ending up with skin cancer. It has something to do with the idea that you don't have to be exposed to harmful UV rays unnecessarily. Being a stunner means nothing if in the future your health is in peril. By tanning indoors, you can rest assured that you are not going to battle a disease that's hard to defeat.

Getting a tan indoors keeps you from looking older. Other than cancer of the skin, exposure to too much UV rays can trigger all sorts of premature aging signs to appear. Some of them are wrinkles, age spots and leathery skin consistency. No matter how dazzling your complexion is, it doesn't mean anything if everyone thinks you are 10 or 15 years older that your actual age.

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