Why Apply UV Free Tanning Lotions With Help Of Ultra Tan Salon Artists

By Haywood Hunter

Many people use self tanning lotions and other sunless tan products with the aim of complementing their beauty. Using a self tanning lotion has been proven to be by far one of the most effective and risk free ways to acquire that dark glowing beauty of your skin. At Ultra Tan salon, you can get professional sunless tanning using products that are safe and adhere well to your skin.

For the tan process to work effectively and safely, you need to use the right products. The salon artists can help you choose the right tan product that works well with your skin. Many people are now using the indoor sunless tan products to glow their skin because they have realized they are a safe alternative to tan beds, or sun bathing.

Ultraviolet rays from the sun are often very dangerous when they come into contact with the skin. Most of skin cancers have been as a result of prolonged exposure to the UV rays from the sun. Using tanning beds does not guarantee you of a risk free tan. In fact, these beds are known to exceed UV limits reaching your skin thus causing harm like the sun.

There are steps that one should follow in order to obtain a gorgeous and uniform skin tans at home. However, such procedures are not easy to follow and you could end up putting the wrong product on skin or applying the sunless tanners incorrectly. While doing it yourself saves you money you could have spent in salons, it is essential that you consider professional sunless tan artists to help you.

Among the equipments that one should have at hand are, exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin cells, gloves to use when applying your product, and the right choice of your product. Others include air brush, jelly tissue, and a blow drier to hasten drying process after application. A mirror is also essential to have.

However, many people may not be able to flawlessly follow to all the procedures something that might lead to incorrect application of sunless tan lotions. Finding the best tanner lotion should be first in your list of steps. Some products can react with your skin causing irritation and other harmful effects. Choosing the products that are easy to apply and that do not have harmful chemicals is very important.

Wash your body using the scrub to get rid of dead skin cells and any traces of Amino acids that may react with the tan. Dead skin cells form a layer of debris that prevents penetration of a tanning product. For better results, you should wash the body one or two hours prior to product application. Dry your skin thoroughly before applying the sunless tan lotions.

All these procedures and others can make the self tan application difficult for you. However, when you visit the professional artists, they will apply the tan in the right manner and ensure that you glow the body as desired. If there are any imperfections, you may go back for adjustments to be done. Some areas may become too dark or over tanned and need to be corrected.

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