What To Expect When You Get Manicures In Charlotte NC

By Toni Vang

Beauty is a subject matter that is sensitive to many ladies since it somehow describes them. Even though when beauty is mentioned, most people think of the face, it should be noted that other body parts like the nails contribute to this beauty. We more often than not, neglect our hands despite using them, all the time. For this reason, you should get manicures in Charlotte NC to get the excellent services at pocket-friendly prices.

There are different procedures we take you through to get the perfect nail treatment you want. First of all, our beauticians get rid of any nail polish left on your nails. We do this in order to remove any dirt and return the nails to their original state and color. After this step, a little amount of cuticle cream is applied and rubbed on the nail base, and you will be asked to soak your hands in warm water for approximately ten minutes.

As one of your hands is soaking in water, out beautician takes care of the cuticles of the other hand that is not soaked. An orange stick is utilized to detach the cuticles from the skin them cut using nail clippers. We cut them in a careful manner to prevent snipping the skin and leaving sore nail beds.

Nail filing and shaping is also provided in our parlor. We use emery boards to evenly my shape the, according to the shape you want; either oval or square. Even so, we will help you in making the choice that fits with the shape of nail beds.

As the world is changing, new ideas are created by the second including great ideas on nail shaping. So, be sure to inquire about any new current nail shape trends. If you are fascinated by any of them you can ask for it but be use to ask for it only if you are completely sure about it. The beauticians are skilled to file and shape the nails without causing any breakage or uneven edges.

Hand massages are rare, but we offer them immediately after nail shaping. It helps in blood circulation around the hand area making the hands smooth. After this, you choose the nail polish that you want. In case you will go to an event, we will apply polish that matches your skin tone and the outfit you will wear. You can also choose the French manicure that is natural and quite simple.

The nail polish is applied carefully with long strokes to cover the whole nails. After drying up, we apply a second coat followed by the top coat. You are advised not to touch things or disturb the nails until almost an hour has elapsed to prevent running the polish. The whole process is just dedicated to making your nails look beautiful and well manicured.

In conclusion, the prices we charge for the nail treatments are affordable for all. Just bear in mind that, at our spare we give you the liberty to choose what you want, and we deliver according to your expectation. Your time and money will ultimately reflect on the services we will offer you.

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