Using A Self Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

People will go through great lengths to obtain a body color that looks like they have spent hours basking in the sun. Not everyone has the time to spend laying out, not to mention that exposure to UV rays can have many negative health repercussions. To get that golden glow with none of the risks, a self tanning lotion is a wonderful alternative.

There are multiple hazards associated with sunbathing such as leathery skin, areas of discoloration, painful burns and melanoma. The UV lighting used in sun beds are no safer and can actually increase the likelihood of developing cancer by as much as seventy-five percent. Using specially made products to safely darken the skin is another option.

Products of this sort are available in many formats, including sprays, creams, gels, milks and mousses. Lotions are perhaps one of the simplest ways to obtain darker skin. The process of building a tan that is beautiful, enduring and as close to natural as possible may seem difficult at first, but it does get easier with practice.

Before getting started, make sure the right tools are on hand to help achieve the best results possible. Time is perhaps the most important factor in the process. Having a couple of hours to do a smooth application and allow for a thorough drying is key to getting a complete and even covering and avoiding the possibility of transferring color to one's clothing.

Exfoliating should be performed daily for the week before application and especially on the day of, since it removes dead skin cells and provides a fresh layer to which the color may adhere. Any shaving one plans to do is best done at least an hour prior, and moisturizer needs to be used for a full seven days ahead of time, concentrating on rough areas like the ankles, knees and elbows. Following these tips will prime the dermis to accept the color easily.

To start, the work space needs to be free of steam and moisture, the body should be thoroughly dry and hair needs to be pulled back from the face and away from one's back and shoulders. So that the palms of the hands do not become a funny orange shade, snug gloves can be worn while applying product. Application is best done slowly, in strokes that are uniform in thickness and direction, focusing attention on each individual area.

There are a few places on the body that have a tendency to be naturally darker than the surrounding areas. These are usually the thicker skinned sections like the elbows, knees and ankles, each of which have deeper lines that hold more color. To keep from obtaining a dirty appearance, dilute the tanner in a 50/50 mix with a moisturizer when applying to these zones.

The longer one allows the skin to dry naturally, the better the results tend to be, though a minimum of fifteen minutes drying time is required to complete the process. If dark spots or streaking is noticed, a shower or damp cloth can usually even them out quickly. A more natural, less orange hue can be built by applying a thin coating of tanner every day or so rather than a single thick application.

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