Useful Details About How To Use Best Self Tanners Effectively

By Haywood Hunter

Sunbathing is a good method for getting an extraordinary tan. However, there are different dangers connected with this way of tanning. Sunbathing has been connected with the rise in cases of cancer of the skin. Consequently, it is desirable to look for different alternatives to get the ultra tan. To eliminate the risk of getting skin cancer, you should use best self tanners. They have helped those using them get the desired skin tan and which can last for days.

Before tanning your skin, it is important to exfoliate it. This process removes all particles that might affect your tanning. Use a coarse sponge to scrub your body while focusing more on parts with rough skin such as knees and elbows. Do not use the same coarse scrub on the face as it is delicate. Ensure you use non-oily products for exfoliation as they leave streaks behind.

The tanner should be applied on totally dry skin. It is normal to dry off after a shower. After using your towel, you need to wait for at least ten minutes to ensure your skin is completely dry. Your formula will adhere to your skin better when it is dry.

Though you need to have a dry skin, it has to be moisturized. You need to moisturize your body just before applying your formula. Apply a light lotion on your elbows, knees, ankles and any other dry patches. This is done to prevent them from becoming dark or orange. Select quality products that will give the best results.

The choice of formulation to be used depends on the kind of skin you have. This will assure you of good results. Light to medium formulas should be applied on fair skin. Dark formulas should be left for olive skins. If gradual formula is selected, the desired results will be achieved after a number of applications. The products are available in various forms such as sprays, creams or lotions.

Simulated tanning items are intended to get good results in no time. You will get tanned skin in a few minuted of applying. This is possible because of the ingredients used in the tanner. You will have darker tans once the dynamic segment DHA produces results.

Special attention should be observed when working on the face. Apply a little amount on the forehead, cheeks, bridge of the nose and chin. Blend the tanner evenly outwards using your finger tips. Areas around the nose and above the top lip should be handled carefully. They are often drier and therefore absorb more color.

Manufacturers of tanning products have instructions to be followed in order to get the right results. If you are instructed to wait for a given period of time, you can always extend it. After the tan is totally dry, apply some powder to prevent the tanner from sticking to your clothes. For the next six to eight hours, you should avoid sweating or showering.

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