Tips To Choose Self Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

Achieving a bronzed body has become easier and safer with the use of self tanners as it protects against sun damage. While products are available to transform you into a golden goddess, the natural result you are looking for will be influenced by your choice of self tanning lotion. The following takes a closer look at the formulas available and the benefits each can provide.

For a professional looking tan, you will need to purchase a quality product and ensure that the lotion is correctly applied for an even result. If you are unsure as to which of these tanning solutions is most compatible, test the tinted cream on a small area to determine whether it is too light or dark. The use of these products should not develop an orange tinge that is considered most unattractive and unnatural.

Sunless tanning has become increasingly popular, but not all lotions are made equal. It requires an assessment of the product ranges that can provide an appealing and natural result. Listed ingredients should provide hydration, nourishment, and produce a shade that will complement your complexion.

A tan can provide a hint of golden glow to the skin. It is considered a more attractive and practical option to prepare for the summer months with a bronzed beach look. The safest option includes the use of lotions and sunscreen if you are going to spend time outdoors.

Spending a great deal of time tanning in direct sunlight can cause a great deal of damage to the skin that may only become apparent later on in life. While a golden glow is considered most appealing, no tan that is produced by sun is safe and serves as an indication of the damage UV light has caused. Improper protection can cause heightened risk of melanoma and premature aging.

The self tanning lotions and creams are favorable options because they include a darker tone or tint. This makes it possible to see where the solution is being placed on the body, whether it produces a desirable shade, and if you are causing the formation of streaks and patches. These tans are immediate so you will not have to use the product over a few days to achieve the desired outcome unless you wish to intensify the darkness.

If you are of a fair complexion, select the products that are compatible with your skin tone. Products can be purchased in light, medium, and dark shades that prove most complementary for a specific skin type and color. Using a lotion that is far too dark on a fair skin will look unnatural and take away from the soft glow and appeal that you wish to create.

All lotions must consist of a thicker formula that is rich and creamy for ease of blending. Do not apply the tanner to skin that is not cleansed or exfoliated as it will not develop a smooth and even result. Focus on spreading the cream in a uniform fashion to prevent the formation of streaks and patches.

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