Tips For The Best Sunless Tanning Lotion Results

By Haywood Hunter

Should you expose your skin to long periods of UV light, it will contribute to premature aging and increase the possibility of developing skin cancer. The more practical choice to obtain a beautiful sun kissed glow is with a sunless tanning lotion. Determine how to best use these products and the ingredients that are included to achieve an attractive tanned appearance.

Self tanning products can develop a sun kissed glow without exposing oneself to harmful UV rays and tanning beds. Creams and lotions are the safest and easiest to use. Knowing what to look for and how to apply the product can make all the difference to develop a beautiful and appealing tan.

The self tanners are the best option to produce a tan that is as close to natural looking as possible. While there are many products available on the market not all of these are manufactured to produce the same quality or color result. Extra care should be taken to ensure that the item of choice does not produce a harsh orange outcome that is unappealing and may stain clothing.

The vast majority of tanning products will include dihydroxyacetone that is an active ingredient and serves to transform the skin color. It combines with the dead skin tissue cells that will deliver the desired shade and could last for a number of days with the correct maintenance. To achieve a smooth and uniform outcome, it is imperative that creams are used regularly.

A product containing a sun protection factor must be used in combination with the sunless tanners to protect against UV exposure. This is important for those who are going to spend some time along the beach or in the pool, the sunscreen must be reapplied on an hourly basis. This can protect the skin from damage should the product wash off while outside.

The best way to apply a cream to the skin is to exfoliate first to remove the excess dead skin cells. This allows for a smoother and uniform appearance and should include focus on the thicker areas such as the knees and elbows to prevent the lotion from forming dark patches on these regions. It is also a good idea to wipe excess product off the joints where it tends to absorb more color.

Creams should be applied in a gentle circular motion that can minimize streaking and lines from forming. This procedure should be completed in a timely manner and include rinsing the hands with soap to prevent staining the palms. Do not put clothing on before you are dry and the lotion is thoroughly absorbed.

A sunless tanner should be purchased to deliver the deepest possible levels of hydration and natural results. Test the product on an area of the skin to ensure that it does not cause any skin irritations and that appealing results are delivered. The selection of a tanning range should be based on quality and the means of providing an attractive glow.

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