This Summer Choose Your Best Sun Tan Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

Beautifully bronzed tan is the best make up you can imagine. Everything looks so much better. Legs appear longer and tighter, small irregularities are hard to notice, and you can positively feel more confident. It is easy to get tanned during summer, but you can also have lovely sun-kissed skin all year round. You just have to choose appropriate sun tan lotion.

Some products are designed to provide bronze tan without exposing your skin to the sun. Such products contain DHA, based on natural sugar. DHA reacts with amino acids in most outer skin layer, basically with dead skin cells. The product of this reaction is bronze tan that lasts for about one week, depending on the product. Using special moisturizers may prolong this time.

Sunless tan lotions are quite easy to apply, but if you want to achieve really impeccable results, it is advisable to visit one of those airbrush tanning salons. Tanning booths can also be quite effective. It is important to exfoliate your skin before this treatment. Of course, you can apply your favorite product in your own bathroom, but you might need some assistance with hard to reach areas.

After only a few days spent on the beach, your skin will get lovely shade, and it will be less sensitive. Even so, you should always apply one good sunblock product when exposing your skin to dangerous sun rays. Some fake tan lotions contain some level of UVA protection, but some don't, and you need to use the highest sunblock in this case.

Different lotions may contain bronzers as well. Some are designed to intensify natural bronzing process. It means that your skin will tan more easily, and that it will become darker in shorter period of time. These types of lotions usually contain UVA protection. Special bronzers can be used to make your tan more appealing. If you apply them on your cheeks and shoulders, you can make your fake tan looking more natural.

The simplest way to get tanned at home is to use overnight tanning lotions. It is important to exfoliate all areas of your body before applying your lotion. Take a shower next morning, and use a good moisturizer, and you are ready to go. The color takes for about three hours to fully develop, and it lasts for one week or so. It fades away gradually, but it is easy to apply another layer whenever you want to.

Washable instant tanners are just great for any special occasion. They can be quite intensive, and you can simply remove the color whenever you want. There are also instant sunless tanning products that provide instant color, but last for a few days, it all depends on your needs. They are quite easy to apply, and results are really amazing. Dry skin areas should be treated with special attention.

The fact is that you can be tanned whenever you want, and feel more confident all year round, why not. Why should you be pale the first day on the beach if you would rather be tanned instead. There are so many great products today, designed to make your skin impeccable and attractive. Besides, most of these products are really affordable.

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