The Various Advantages And Drawbacks Of Using Sun Lab Self Tanning Products

By Haywood Hunter

Using an indoor tanner lets you enjoy a golden-brown complexion without putting your skin and health in danger. It enables you to achieve a lovely glow without actually exposing yourself to the sun and the dangerous UV light it emits. Certainly, there are numerous perks to enjoy for grabbing a bottle of the Sun Lab self tanner and applying its content.

Going for this product enables you to attain darker skin at any given time of the year. When the winter or rainy season strikes, it's not unlikely for everyone to look pasty. Rubbing the tanner on your skin enables you to stand out from the rest. The noticeable change in complexion takes place instantly so you can look wonderful especially during special occasions.

Using an at-home tanner is generally cheaper than stepping foot inside a local tanning salon. You also don't have to end up being stuck in traffic or waiting for your turn to be sprayed, letting you save precious time too. Thanks to the superb formulation, it's possible for you to achieve salon-quality tan especially if the product is applied in the right manner.

You can choose from among various tan shades. The product's manufacturer offers dark, medium and ultra dark shades so that there's something for every skin color. It is completely up to you to pick something that you feel can boost your beauty and confidence. Going for a shade close to your actual complexion, however, is a good idea for a realistic fake suntan.

Self tanners come in various forms these days. There are gels, creams and mousse. You may also opt for wipes if you like to tan small areas of the body only. Of all the available forms, the most popular is the lotion as it's trouble-free to apply. When buying a bottle, go for something that you feel you can use easily for a very convincing fake suntan.

Certainly, there are so many perks of going for a UV-free tanner. Just like with any other beauty product available out there, a few cons are also around. Luckily, the positive aspects of fake tanning still outshine the few negatives existing.

Streaks or blotches may reveal that your tan is actually the fake kind. This issue tends to happen if you fail to follow the directions provided by the manufacturer. To end up with a realistic outcome, exfoliate while taking a shower to polish your skin. Shaving afterwards is also highly suggested to remove unwanted hairs that could cause the result to look mottled.

The resulting tan lasts for about 5-7 days only, unlike an actual suntan that stays around for so many weeks. This is not something caused by the product's formulation. Instead, it is due to the fact that your skin is replaced on a regular basis. Fortunately, this process can be slowed down simply by applying your favorite moisturizer as needed.

Make sure that the tanner you go for comes from a reputable maker. Opt for a brand that is being trusted by so many indoor tanning lovers all over the planet. For a convincing result, it's a good idea to choose a tan shade that's close to your skin tone.

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