Sunlab Solves Your Different Problems

By Haywood Hunter

Unpaused is a company that sells different types of products. This is the same organization that owns sunlab; a division that deals in branded eye wear, watches and many other items. Their items are widely admired by people around the world. Major types of sunglasses sold by this group are Fendi, tom Ford, Oakley, Guess, Rayban, Prada and many other sunglasses. The watches, on the other hand, include Espirit, Just Cavali, Swatch, Briel and Fossil.

Their outlet owners and shop managers together with their sales team are always readily available whenever it comes to provision of personalized services to their customer. They are always very ready to go an extra mile in dealing with customers. They also work extra hard to ensure that their clientele have access to the latest products in this sector.

These dealers have up to six outlets around Gozo and Malta. The dealers are bay street, Sliema, Gozo, Bkara, Tigne, paola and Valletta. Their target groups are majorly young people from fifteen to thirty years. They deliberately target this group of people owing to their love for fashion. They will readily buy anything that is fashionable, and easily influence each other into buying.

The company is modeled on philosophies of marketing which are very strong and representatives of good brands in this field. The representation comes in the form of sales and ways of distribution that are supported by high results marketing strategies. These strategies are always in line with the philosophies of every individual brand and are always sensitive to what the local markets need. This dedication to quality services and goods provision has enabled the company achieve much international recognition.

It facilitates the development of individual products through structures in the organization, properly made strategies of carrying out sales and product distribution, a good market approach and absolute commitment to the entire company and products. These factors and more have helped in transforming this company into what it is today. It has grown from being a regional company into an international one.

Currently, the company works with a total of twenty five retail customers located in several places around Malta. They specialize in jewelry, watches and eye-wear. Their portfolio of products, on the other hand, is represented by thirty seven wholesalers with high standards of designs which appropriately suit the attributes of the brands. Their main offices are based in Malta and Libya.

In recent days, this company opened a new store in Valletta, republic Street. The new store handles the same products handled by other branches opened before. These, as mentioned before, are jewelry, watches and sunglasses. What they bring to the market depends on the quality that is most preferred by their buyers.

These dealers therefore offer great products to their customers in a manner that makes the buyers satisfied with their items. They put so much effort in provision of personalized services deliberately meant to ensure that indeed their customers are satisfied. In addition to this, their wide ranges of items offer the buyers opportunities to pick the things they like most, hence, increasing their chances of satisfaction.

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