Sun Tan Lotion That Is Homemade

By Haywood Hunter

Getting a tan is actually something that a lot of people would want to do these not only for the sake of vanity but even for health reasons as well. Not only does a bronzed skin tone look really good when wearing a swimsuit but it also helps protect the skin from too much exposure from the ultraviolet lights that the sun actually produces. If one would want a natural and cheap way to get that kind of skin, then the best way is to simply make a homemade sun tan lotion.

Now to start off, one has to first fill a container with water three fourths full and then dump it into a pan. Once the water is already in the pan, then the next thing to do would be to actually boil the water that is inside of the pan. One only needs to boil the water for around just ten minutes before stopping the fire.

Once that is already finished, then one may now dump the boiling water into a small container and put some tea bags in them. Let the tea sink into the water for a few minutes until the nice fragrance of the tea can already be smelled. Now one should use just around three to four tea bags of black tea for this process.

Now once the tea has already settled into the water, then one should now put around one fourth of the tea into the blender. When the tea is already inside the blender, one should now add two more things in order to complete the process. These two things are sesame oil and lanolin which would mix together with the tea.

Now the blender has to be at a low speed when one is doing this as high speed will only kill the mix. Now one should on the blender and just blend the mix for just a few seconds before turning it off. After that, shake it a little bit and turn it on again until the mix becomes thick.

Once he has already blended the three things together, he will be able to see an oily substance forming in the bottom of the blender. What he has to do is to make sure that the oily substance does not stick to the blades. Once he has done this, then the next thing that he has to do would be to dump in the remaining two fourths cup of tea that was used a while ago inside. From there, blend the substance for a third time.

Now repeat the process again and start blending the mix. Eventually, there will be a creamy substance that will form inside the blender which will become the lotion. Once the creamy substance forms, take it out of the blender and put it inside another container.

After this, one may use this anytime he would go to a beach or simply go under the sun. He will then be able to get the tan that he has always wanted if he uses this substance. However, do take note that it will take a few days before effects can be seen as one has to consistently apply the lotion and consistently go under the sun in order to get that gold bronze skin tone that he would want.

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