Signs That You Are About To Apply The Best Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

You can be sure that not all indoor tanners these days are cut from the same cloth. Some can really deliver a fantastic job while others may only leave you with a mortifying orange complexion. Prior to shopping, read on to make yourself become aware of the features of the best tanning lotion. Choosing the right product lets you sport a stunning artificial suntan.

The product relies on an active ingredient called DHA. Derived from sugarcane, this naturally existing chemical is capable of darkening dead cells sitting on the topmost layer of your skin. It can give you the kind of complexion you can get after baking under the sun for several minutes. Majority of the top-selling indoor tanners out there rely on this highly effective DHA.

It also has a bronzing substance in it. DHA's effect on the complexion becomes visible only a few hours after the sunless tanner of your choice has been applied. The addition of a bronzer lets you enjoy an instantaneous skin tone change. After 4 to 6 hours, you may step foot in the shower to wash off the bronzing substance and enjoy the golden shade created by DHA.

Enough fragrance is used to mask the odor DHA tends to emit while developing. You can be sure that tanners of all brands and forms will give off the same fishy smell for as long as the list of ingredients includes DHA in it. Fortunately for you, there is no need to feel mortified being around other people because the best UV-free tanner has enough fragrance to hide the smell.

The product is available in different tones. It is definitely a great idea to go for a shade that's not too far away from your base complexion. This is one of the secrets to having a flattering and realistic fake suntan. Certainly, you don't want to be spotted with an unbelievably dark skin color. Look for a brand that lets the consumers choose from a variety of shades.

Applying the sunless tanner won't give you a headache. You are not going to have a hard time using the product all over your body if you are accustomed to the daily application of a hand and body moisturizer. Look for a product whose consistency is rich enough for a trouble-free usage. Something with added bronzing ingredient saves you from having an uneven result.

It comes with a price that won't break the bank. Having a gorgeous complexion means nothing if you don't have enough money for your other necessities. Look for a UV-free tanner from a reputable maker and comes with a price tag that is easy on your pocket. Fortunately, there are so many affordable products out there that can rival even the most expensive brands.

You can be sure that the most excellent tanner around is the one recommended by your family, friends and associates. Take the suggestions of fake suntan fanatics whose complexion you find so lovely. You may also sit in front of a computer and find out what consumers can say about the tanners they have actually tried using personally.

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