Scrutinizing The Best Self Tanner

By Haywood Hunter

Tanned skin has been an undying trend especially among the white people. The skin is considered to be more beautiful if the skin is a few shades darker than its original color. This can be done very easily by busking in the sun and the skin will generate more melanin therefore leading to the darkening of skin. During the seasons that there is no sun, these people do not have to stay with the untanned skin. They can easily purchase the best self tanner and the following is a guideline on how they can choose these products.

Scientists have done a lot of study for a long time and they managed to invent the self-tanning lotions that are very effective. These tanners are manufactured with the best and most lavish ingredients that definitely work to give the users the most natural looking tanned complexion. These lotions may also have additional benefits like moisturizing of skin and giving it a beautiful look.

The challenge comes in when the users are looking to find the good tanners. There are very many sunless tanners manufactured in the world and all the manufacturers claim that their products are of good value. They are usually manufactured in many forms such as lotions, creams, gels, milks, sprays or even pills. They can easily be acquired from drugstores, salons or online. But how can a user identify which is the best tanner?

Beauty experts have done extensive research in different ways so that they can come up with the best tanners. They have spoken with the industry experts, checked out the sales figures and also monitored the opinions of consumers. Some of these products can even be tested using a selection of criteria. Some of the factors considered are the smell, color, the drying time and the period of time they last.

Self-tanning has been in existence for a very long time. It was invented in 1960 by the Coppertone cosmetic company. The first products led to an orange looking tan. They have been improved over time so that now the ones available now produce a more natural look to the skin and they even work very fast. Some work immediately after application while others take longer like 45 minutes before the difference in skin color is noticed.

This kind of tanning should not be confused to have the power to protect the body against the ultraviolet rays of the sun. This is because it does not trigger the production of melanin as the normal tanning does. This works in a much more different way. The users of these tanners should therefore use sunscreen before exposing their skin to the sun to avoid skin burning.

Dehydroacetone which is referred to as DHA is usually present in self-tan lotions. This chemical usually reacts with the dead cells found on the dermal level of membrane that causes the color to change therefore making skin to appear tanned. There are also some that work internally like the pills. These internal tanners interfere with the internal organs to cause skin color change.

There is danger that comes with the use of these unnatural products especially those that are ingested. They may cause diseases like hepatitis. Some lead to change in eye color by depositing some particles on the retina. They also affect the internal organs for instance the liver.

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