Proper Skin Cleansing Is Paramount Before You Use A Sun Sunless Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

In any self tan application, one important thing you have to do is prepare the skin. With your Sun Sunless tanning lotion, you will have to think about how you can properly prepare the skin before applying the tanner. Sunless tanners require more preparation than even bronzers do, and this is something the users should emphasize on. One thing with do-it-yourself tan is that, you will get some flaws here and there but with proper guidelines, you can achieve at least a good tan.

Working the folded skin properly will ensure that it gets a uniform spread and color like the other parts. The folded skin may accumulate and trap wastes like the body oils, salts, dead skin, and dirt. When all these debris are present, they will prevent the penetration of tan and you might end up with imperfections like streaks and blotches.

The debris will form a layer, which acts as a barrier preventing the infiltration of tanner. Remember that, if the tan will not penetrate to the inside of skin and react with the protein in the epidermis, the skin will not glow. When you go to the shower, the tan will be washed away and you are left with patches of untanned areas.

Because these dry areas like the elbows, knees, and feet tend to resist the penetration of tan, you might also want to apply a little moisturizer or some light normal make up lotion. Generally, moisturizers need not be used when you want to tan your body. The moisturizers, typical lotions, and other skin products you use everyday might need to be skipped during the time you tan the body.

With time, if you do not shower and exfoliate skin, that debris accumulates on pore thus clogging them. The tanner lotions ingredients work by penetrating through pores and reaching the epidermis where they interact with protein in the outermost layer of skin. If ingredients in tanner lotions are not finding their way inside the skin, then they will not bring the effect of tanning.

When you exfoliate skin, you allow the ingredients to effectively infiltrate skin and cause the change in color. This color change is temporary and will fade away with time. It may take about five or so day before the self tan color begins to fade away. What happens is that the color comes out when the skin sloughs and removes those dead cells.

Exfoliation of skin has to be done properly and using the right products. There are different exfoliants you will get in market but for tan procedures, ensure that you use an exfoliant that will not leave behind some debris. There are oil based, salty, and creamy exfoliators and you have to choose which one you will use.

Good tan lotions, when applied will show that tinting bronze color for about five days or more. But, those, which show the color for about three or less days, may not be very suitable. You need to choose the right tan product that will show the shade for sometime before it starts fading out.

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