Professional Tips For Self Tanning Lotion Application

By Haywood Hunter

Sunless tanners are a favorable product that can deliver an attractive bronzed appeal, but they have to be applied correctly to prevent the formation of streaks and patches. Wearing self tanning lotion is all about the correct choice of product and its use to ensure that a uniform result is achieved without an orange effect. The following tips can help you achieve a beautiful sun kissed appearance.

A large number of self tanners can be found. This requires a closer look at the options available that will aid in delivering a smooth and even result. If you are concerned about streaks and patches, it is better to consider formulations with a tint that will allow you to see where the product is being applied. These options will aid in spotting the areas on the body for coverage that may be difficult to reach.

The limitation of using a tinted tanner is that it is quite messy to handle and could easily stain clothing and your palms. These formulations are also incredibly thick, making it difficult to spread without the formation of streaks. One way to prevent this from occurring is to combine with a lightweight sunscreen if you are going to be exposed to sunlight or moisturizer to provide an even glow.

For those interested in using products that provide nourishment for the skin, there are moisturizers with tanners in them. Such products can create an attractive tan that will appear darker as it is applied on a daily basis. The lotion should be used regularly in order to notice the change in tone and with the aim of darkening the skin over time.

Start off with tints that include a lighter shade as it is easier to gradually increase the intensity of your tan rather than have to scrub dark stains from your body. Look out for ingredients including vitamin E and coca butter that provide intensive nourishing properties for dry skin. These products will not contain a sunscreen and the appropriate sun protection factor should be used in this instance.

A large number of self tanners have been described as producing a less than desirable scent that is attributed to their active ingredients. If you do not enjoy the scent, look for products that have added fragrances that will provide more appealing results. It is imperative that research is completed to aid in making the best possible decisions for aesthetic needs.

For those who wish to apply product to facial areas, look out for a formula that is lightweight and not a harsh color. If you have a fair skin tone do not use a dark or intense shade that will be most noticeable and unnatural. Look out for the products that are most compatible with an oily or dry complexion.

DHA is the active ingredient in most products and binds to healthy skin cells. Before applying a self tanning cream, it is best to exfoliate the body to remove any dirt and excess skin that will prevent a smooth appearance. Moisturize on a daily basis to extend the life and appeal of your tan.

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