Losing Weight With The Help Of Gastric Sleeve Surgeons

By Tammie Caldwell

Gastric surgery is a procedure done in the stomach in order to help an obese patient lose weight. This is usually the case when nonsurgical methods and exercise do not work anymore. This is s a restrictive surgery and the process makes the stomach smaller, which is common in Ridgewood, NJ. Hence, patients will feel full faster than they used to be. But there is a need to really adjust. There will be a long adjustment period for this.

Patients are to choose between two types of approach, the open surgery or the laparoscopic method. Gastric sleeve surgeons in NJ are properly trained and specialized in this particular surgery. So if you like to give it a try because you are having a hard time dieting and exercising, you may resort to this.It is done by cutting or making incisions on the tummy. After the surgery, you may feel sore around the cut and you feel like fainting. Your bowels are also acting weird by that time, causing diarrhea. This is normal, according to doctors. Your body will need to adjust for a long time. Belly pains will be experienced so doctors will prescribe pain medicines.

The first week is the hardest. Aside from fainting and losing bowels, you can be strained which will cause infections. Hence, to avoid infections, do not lift anything heavy. You cannot do exercises lifting really heavy gym equipment. You will also be restricted to do your normal routines everyday. It will take approximately three months before everything comes back to normal.

But you will not feel as normal as ever. You will feel full quicker than you used to when you still had a big tummy. The recovery period may take three months at most but the adjustment period may take a longer time. You will not be eating the same amounts of food and you are advised during the first few months to eat only soft food, like a baby.

More or less, three months will take before your full recovery. During the first month, you are advised to eat soft food. And in all the days of your life, you will be eating only a few amount of food, unlike during the past. You need to follow orders from your doctors so you will really achieve the kind of body you are aiming for.

But the problem is, you will not be able to take in as much vitamins and minerals you will need with a small stomach. So you need to take food supplements and vitamins. You may also need the help of a dietitian, They are skilled in managing and planning diets that are good for people who are wanting to lose some weight.

Avoid food and drinks that have high calories or else, you will not lose weight. You must understand that the operation is only for reducing the size of the stomach. You will not lose weight immediately after the operation. You will still need to take dieting regimens before you can achieve that sexy look.

But you should know that you will still need some vitamins to supplement your food intake. The success rate of the method is high as long as you adhere strictly to the recommendations of the surgeon and the dietitian. Those who followed the recommendations after their operations have lost half of their weight.

However, there could be some risks and side effects if you are not careful. These include cut infection, blood clot, and stomach leaks. For others, there are long term effects like anemia, kidney infection, and osteoporosis.

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