Knowing The Pros And Cons Of Airbrush Self Tanning

By Haywood Hunter

Airbrush self tanning is a service sought by a lot of people who want to enjoy a darker complexion instantly. Most of today's beauty salons offer it although it is possible for fake suntan fanatics to also purchase their own at-home kits. Having the sunless tanner administered in the form of a fine mist is just one of the numerous ways to obtain a tan without sunbathing.

Just like when availing of any other cosmetic procedure, it's a must to be familiar with the pros and cons of getting airbrushed for a better skin tone. Being aware of them is particularly important for those who are paying for the service for the first time. The following are just some of the well-known positive points of opting for this approach to sport a fake suntan:

Being airbrushed allows the individual to sport a bronze complexion without sitting under the sun and being exposed to UV rays. It's no secret that sunbathing can considerably increase the chances of ending up with deadly skin cancer. Someone who pays for the service offered by a local beauty salon can attain a sun-kissed glow without putting his or her health in peril.

Airbrushing spares the person from the premature development of various aging signs on the outside. Other than skin cancer, getting UV rays excessively can cause the early showing up of various cosmetic nightmares such as fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. In contrast, the sunless tanner's active ingredient is derived from sugar cane so it's not going to harm the skin.

Hardcore fake suntan fanatics are well aware that the best way to achieve a natural looking bronze complexion indoors is through airbrushing. A technician has the necessary skills to apply the UV-free tanner evenly on the skin. Because there are no streaks or blotches in sight, everyone will think that the color you are sporting was obtained at a sunny beach.

Instant result may be enjoyed via the airbrushing approach. The tanner administered is tinted in order to leave a color immediately. This allows the technician to tell where the product has been applied already. The individual getting a suntan may sport a lovelier skin color right away while the active ingredient develops to produce a fake suntan that lasts for up to a week.

While the numerous advantages to airbrushing make the service highly appealing to a lot of people who like to steer clear of sunbathing, there are also a few drawbacks to it. The service does not really come cheap especially if it's carried out by a good technician. A cheaper alternative is something that requires the individual to step foot inside an enclosure to be sprayed.

As earlier mentioned, the sunless tanner involved is tinted. The individual who just availed of the service should refrain from perspiring for several minutes to avoid ending up with stained clothes. Opting for airbrush self tanning also requires the person to wear a bikini or even stand naked in front of the technician as well as while waiting for the solution to dry.

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